For one thing, if you watch for it, you'll see us in attendance at almost every conference and arboricultural training event in Oregon. We continually work to improve our knowledge-base and stay abreast of the latest in arboricultural science so that you can rest easy knowing your trees are in great hands. We strive to offer the best customer experience anywhere. It's our goal to change the way you think about tree care by exceeding every expectation you have about ‘tree guys'. Your business means the world to us and we're thrilled any time we have an opportunity to earn the trust of a brand spanking new client.

Dan Oliver started Oliver Arbor Care in 2012. He's a second-generation ISA Certified Arborist (PN-7275AM), ISA Certified Municipal Arboriculture Specialist, and ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified. He's been working with trees professionally since 2002 unless, of course, we counted the pruning his dad had him doing as a kid. Dan is passionate about trees and obsessed with cultivating an incomparable experience for his clients. He lived and worked as an arborist in Bend in 2009. During that time he saw a need for a more progressive and education-centric tree service in Central Oregon.

There's a lot to consider when we're pruning a tree. Making proper cuts allows a tree to heal over the wound as efficiently as possible; while a bad cut can forever damage a tree. Over-thinning or topping can damage a tree in ways that can take years to repair (if repairable at all). We study tree biology and physiology so that the trees we prune actually benefit from the care they receive! It's sad but true - some tree services will wear spikes on their feet to climb into your trees. There is ample science showing how bad this is for trees.

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