Let's work together to remove Your small to medium sized Dead and Dying trees from your Valuable land so we can prevent the spread of Tree damaging insects, diseases and fire danger! We are very happy to work WITH other Tree Companies, Landscapers, Water Districts, City & County Municipalities to get the job done ON TIME and done RIGHT! Don't hesitate to call us, We have worked on world class Golf Courses, Resorts, Airports, Public Utility Co's and with some of the largest Construction Companies!

From the graceful Eucalyptus and Palm trees in Southern California and the mighty Redwoods in Trinity California to the picturesque Poplars of Southern Idaho and the beautiful Pines of the Pacific NorthWest. At Mr. StumpBuster, We employ a highly skilled and experienced crew. Our Manager, Todd Waddell, started out in the Tree Industry in 1990 as a groundman for D&M Tree Service in San Diego, Ca. D&M Tree Service was founded in 1985 when there was a need for proper tree care in North San Diego Cnty.

Stump Grinders are the most efficient & safe machines in the hands of a Skilled Operator for stump removal. They have the least impact on the surrounding landscape. All stumps are ground 8 to 10 inches deep, all mulch/grindings are contained to the work area or can be removed for an additional charge. If stump is near public structures or you suspect utilities below surface CALL 811, it's Free & it's the Law! Though we don't normally dig out stumps, if they are very small, we are very skilled with an axe, shovel & pick method!