Northwest Arbor-Culture Inc. is a full-service tree care, landscape, property maintenance and forest management provider. We provide service to Portland, Vancouver, and all surrounding areas of Oregon and Washington. Northwest Arbor-Culture Inc. has a reputation for being the most dependable, professional, and educated team in the Northwest, which has distinguished us from other Portland tree services. Our reputation for quality service at a fair price and unmatched customer service has allowed us to expand across the West Coast and our forensic staff to reach across the continent.

Chris is an Accredited, Certified, Forensic and Consulting Arborist, and a Master Gardner with over 30 years of experience in tree care, landscape and forestland management. Chris founded Northwest Arbor-Culture Inc with a mission to provide our customers quality service at a fair price. Through determination and innovation, Northwest Arbor-Culture Inc endeavored to bring Chris' exacting standards to all facets of the green industry. With growing knowledge, education and expertise, Northwest Arbor-Culture Inc's staff continuously exceeds industry standards of excellence, applying Chris' philosophy of preservation, safety and aesthetic enhancement and emphasis on detail and courtesy.

Landscaping is all about design and imagination, which is where Northwest Arbor-Culture Inc. brings it all together to create that perfect backyard environment. Our designers and landscape contractors bring their experience and imagination, helping turn your outdoor living space into the peaceful and relaxing sanctuary you've always dreamed it could be. We offer a complete landscape design package, which encompasses the entire scope of the project — from design to landscape construction and maintenance.

Searching for "tree pruner Portland"? You're in the right place. Tree trimming is an ISA-certified arborist specialty — and professional arborists have their work cut out for them, with more than 170 species of large trees in Portland. Trees and hedges in the Northwest can easily get out of control without regular and professional maintenance. Hiring a licensed, certified arborist with proven credentials (i.e., Northwest Arbor-Culture Inc.) can ensure big trees will be a safe, healthy and beautiful part of your landscape and property.

Northwest Arbor-Culture Inc has been providing Landscaping Services to our clients for over 30 years. Our educated Master Gardeners and experienced, professional team, provides the very best in landscape design, construction and maintenance.

Thinking about removing a big tree? The abundance of evergreens and deciduous trees in Portland — estimated at more than 1.4 million — contribute to our city's clean air and natural beauty. But even if a large tree's shade and aesthetics have provided many years of enjoyment, tree removal in Portland, OR may be absolutely necessary due to liabilities and hazards or for the aesthetic appeal of your yard. Our arborists at Northwest Arbor-Culture Inc. are advocates for all trees in your landscapes and understand that for the thousands of tree species that grow in the Portland area, there is always a good fit for your home and landscape.

Northwest Arbor-Culture Inc. acts as an independent advisor for our Clients. Through proper advise, our Clients conserve resources, gain confidence, peace of mind, and reliable information regarding their trees and plants. As Forensic Arborists, Certified Arborists, Consulting Arborists and Licensed Contractors, Northwest Arbor-Culture Inc. recommends objective solutions and strategies to mitigate, manage and maintain our Client's trees. Northwest Arbor-Culture Inc. provides independent forensic investigation and authorized, unbiased reports and appraisals to document and appraise our Clients defective, damaged or destroyed tree and plants for insurance, IRS and litigation support purposes.

Northwest Arbor-Culture, Inc. provides effective, comprehensive tree care plans to address our commercial clients' specific needs. Our ISA Certified Arborist will provide seasonal and annual programs based on the specific arboriculture to meet your business' specific tree care objectives. Are your trees structurally sound? Are the big trees in your yard healthy or hiding rot and disease inside? Our ISA Certified Arborist will determine the answers to these questions and more in a complete tree care assessment that determines your potential liability.

Northwest Arbor-Culture Inc. specializes in maintaining a safe, healthy and aesthetically beautiful landscape around your home. Our educated, experienced, ISA Certified Arborists are able to provide informative consultations to meet our clients' tree care concerns. Our dedicated team, focused on customer service, encompasses the skills, abilities and professionalism to handle all aspects of the tree care industry. For more than 15 years, we've provided residential tree services in the Portland area and surrounding Northwest, striving to develop long-term relationships with our clients that will last the life of your tree care needs.

Once you or a professional ISA Certified Arborist has removed a tree, you are left with an unsightly reminder: the stump. Stump removal may be even more difficult than a large tree removal. After all, stumps are heavier than you might think and often have extensive root systems that are unexpectedly massive. Plus, your waste collection agency might refuse to accept a stump in your yard waste bin. Hiring a professional for stump removal in Portland is thus a very smart move. You can leave a stump where it is — but that is generally not recommended.

Northwest Arbor-Culture Inc. offers all aspects of tree services in Portland for your home, business, or community association. With Portland's abundant rain, trees can quickly grow out of control. Pruning and trimming by our ISA Certified Arborists will help keep your trees healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. Resist the urge to start hacking branches off your tree — you'll be glad you called in the professionals to avoid lasting damage. We also offer windsailing, lacing, ornamental pruning, crown reduction, and other proven tree trimming techniques.

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URGENT - WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service Portland OR Sun Oct 11 2020

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Northwest Arbor-Culture Inc - Tree Services Is working 24/7 removing trees from homes as far as Troutdale to Sheridan and down to South Salem. We’re lucky to have the best team in the business and access to any crane needed to resolve your tree issues. If you or anyone you know needs help with a...

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***Weather Alert*** • Ice, Snow and Strong Winds are forecasted throughout the Willamette Valley. Our team is available 24/7 for your emergency tree service needs. Contact Jon at 503-348-7642 OR visit •

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Northwest Arbor-Cultures Inc’s Master Climbing Arborist, Joe. A great company is only possible with the best in the…

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Just posted a video

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NWTREE’s emergency response team removing a large Oak that uprooted during a recent wind-storm.

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Our expert team is fully operational and available for free estimates for your Spring tree care needs during Covid-…

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Covid-19 call to action: Northwest Arbor-Culture Inc. is OPEN for business! Northwest Arbor-Culture Inc. is open…

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Call today for fast service and expert advise from our Certified Arborist and Certified Tree Risk Assessors! 503-53…

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