The best lawn care services near me in New York. It is time to join the 11,000 other homeowners and businesses, allow us to evaluate, improve and maintain your green lawn. When the question comes to satisfaction for your lawn care, then we guarantee your 100% satisfaction. No more hesitation. Custom Lawn Care promises you the most quality lawn maintenance service near you. Custom Lawn Care doing lawn care and maintenance since in 1984 in New York City. Rest assured that when we are your lawn care service experts then you will never have to worry about lawn maintenance anymore.

Everyone wants a lush lawn that is healthy, green, and inviting, but not everyone knows what is required to make this happen. The professionals at Custom Lawn Care know what it takes and provide coreaeration services that give fantastic results. Custom Lawn Care's double aeration and overseeding service can help lawn recovery from damage caused by insects, disease and droughts. Just as the name implies, our service involves aerating the lawn- twice. This creates a fantastic environment for grass seed to thrive.

Thatch is a dense mat of dead grass, roots, stems and debris that accumulates between the soil surface and gowng blades of grass. This forms a barrier that prevents moisture and air from going to the soil and roots, where your grass needs it. Dethatching removes unwanted thatch. With the thatch removed air, water, and nutrients can better penetrate the soil and grass roots. There are several lawn services and methods to dethatch lawns and our world class Custom Lawn Care experts will choose the best suited method for your lawn.

Our early Spring application will promote a fast green up and help your lawn recover from Winter stress. This lawn service application includes preventative crabgrass control. Custom Lawn Care weed control will be applied. We apply a balanced best lawn fertilizer to promote color, thickness, and overall good health. It includes preventive crabgrass control. In addition to feeding the lawn, we will treat for weeds and surface feeding insects. If you can't handle Summer heat, imagine how your lawn feels.

If you are thinking about doing lawn care by yourself, then we appreciate you. Of course, lawn care is not that much difficult and you can do it with a little effort. Although it is quite time consuming, with some guidance and research you can do all these maintenance by yourself. That is why, if you got some extra times to spend behind the beautification of your lawn, here are some exclusive suggestions for you from Custom Lawn Care. Lawn care maintenance involves a number of tasks and these tasks should be done one after another and by maintaining the time.

If you are a New York City dweller and looking at your lawn, you are wondering, "How hard this lawn maintenance is!" or thinking yourself, "Where to find the best affordable lawn care service near me in New York City?" then have a sigh of relief my friend! Custom Lawn Care is here to guide you out of every and every issues dealing with lawn care and lawn maintenance; starting from fertilization and ending in weed killing, and also other important things that come between these two. The lawn care services provided by Custom Lawn Care is guided by specially trained staffs taking care of your lawn according to your local climate in New York City, and of course according to your own choice.

We address the things that pose a threat to your lawn, such as lawn damaging insects, weeds, high temperatures and drought, to name a few. Our Scientific lawn programs are designed to address all of these and more, so that you can achieve the greenest lawn guaranteed! And we will take a tailored approach, making sure your lawn gets exactly what it needs, exactly when needed. Custom Lawn Care is a family-owned and operated Lawn improvement Company since 1984. We have improved and perfected over 11,000 lawns so there is nothing we have not seen.

The professionals related to Weed Control Services at Custom Lawn Care know when ridding your lawn of weeds, you want them gone fast.

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Custom Lawn Care doing lawn care and maintenance since in 1984 in New York City. Rest assured that when we are your lawn care service experts then you will never have to worry about lawn maintenance anymore. Our most efficient experts, who have plenty of experience in lawn care and maintenance in...

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