Proper maintenance of trees is important as its branches can spread widely giving an ugly and undesirable look to your beautiful lawn. We cater to all your tree-trimming concerns easily. We have perfectly trained professionals for the job with over 25 years of expertise along with right set of equipment's to handle all the difficult jobs as quickly as possible. Tree of life offers comprehensive tree care solutions for all your residential and commercial buildings. Whether it's tree cutting and planting, tree trimming, stump removal, storm cleaning, palm tree shaving, pruning, cabling trees for extra support, we do it all.

At Tree of life, you'll get a wide range of tree care services ranging from tree demolition, tree planting, land clearing, tree trimming, stump grinding, palm tree shaving, pruning, and storm clean up for both your residential and commercial spaces.

At Tree of life, we offer affordable land clearing services. Accumulated dirt and debris can cause hindrance and slow down your job on your construction site. Complete land clearing is required before construction. We'll handle all such tasks with ease using right professionals and equipment's. That's not all; we'll also take care of tree removals, tree demolitions, stump removals, stump grinding on your residential and commercial land sites. Get in touch for a FREE estimate from our friendly staff now.

Plants and trees are an integral part of the environment. By planting a tree, you will elevate the beauty of your lawn and also help in conserving nature. Give your lawn that stunning look you've been waiting for. We specialize in planting all kinds of trees for your residential and commercial spaces. Give us a quick call and our friendly staff will be glad to provide you with a FREE estimate right away. Tree planting is an art and technique not everybody knows. Planting a tree next to a structural building can damage its foundation and this can in turn cause cracks to homes.