Even if you don't already have a "garden, " our gardening services might be just what you need. If you're concerned about ticks in your yard, or your trees and plants aren't looking so healthy, we can help. Protect your home, your lifestyle and your small business with the best home backup generators on the planet. It can be a dirty job, but installing a new septic tank can bring an olddilapidatedsystem up to date and back to life. With over 50 employees, Arborscape gets around. Serving Westchester, Fairfield & Putnam Counties in locations near: Chappaqua NY, Bedford NY, Armonk NY, Katonah NY, Scarsdale NY, Greenwich CT, Ridgefield CT, and so many more.

After we design your landscape, you won't have to act as a general contractor, hiring a dozen different companies. Some design projects will be created during a client meeting. But sometimes your project may be much more elaborate. Complicated projects will involve the creation of a site plan, either by hand drawing or our computer aided design program. We'll also assist in obtaining permits and permission to execute your project. Site plans will show all necessary details of the project, including construction details, site details, hardscape details, plant layouts, lighting design and irrigation layout.

A well illuminated house is a safer house. Paths, walkways, steps and structures are illuminated to make them pronounced and to provide safe passage. A well illuminated yard is also typically a safer yard with fewer opportunities to hide in darkness. The enjoyment of the property doesn't have to end when the sun goes down. A properly illuminated yard can be a fun place to come home to at night. Many of our client's have busy lives that don't allow them time to enjoy their properties until the evening hours.

Lawn aeration is a process that's used religiously by the golf course industry and for good reason. It's a key component of proper lawn care. It's rare that we sell lawn aeration by itself, simply because most customers opt for a personalized landscape maintenance program. Our programs can include lawn care by itself or a host of other Arborscape Advantage Services. A machine is used to core little holes into the turf. This allows water and oxygen to get down to the bedding of the grass. Without that, the grass will form a thick layer of thatch, which is dead organic material.

The best time to prune a tree is during the winter when most trees are dormant. Westchester, NY is big apple country so we do a lot of apple tree pruning for clients during the winter. That's because a skilled arborist never indiscriminately "trims" a tree. When a tree is trimmed properly it's actually being "pruned, " and tree pruning is a serious skill. Excessive pruning can actually kill a tree. Or, if you're not pruning enough, your tree may not flourish, or give you the desired results. For instance, unpruned trees can often obstruct the understory of a tree from getting adequate sunlight, causing lower branches to die off.

During tree removals, our guys routinely cut off tree stumps about 6 inches above the ground. In most cases this is all you need. In most cases a stump can simply be ground down just below the surface, covered up with some topsoil, and you're done. When a big tree uproots itself, sometimes a stump grinder just isn't going to be able to handle a twenty or thirty foot web of tree roots. We bring in the big guns for jobs like this. After the tree is processed, we'll use our excavator to dig up the stump and pluck it right out.

There are other contractors in the Westchester area who can do all of these services - but only Arborscape can do them all. For starters, you'd have to call your lawn guy, your irrigation service, a gardener, a tree service, a gutter cleaning guy, a snow plow service and probably some others. If you do want to manage that whole process, then you don't need us. But if you want the hassle-free convenience of having one company maintain your property and efficiently orchestrate all your outdoor needs, then here's what we can do for you.

A fertilizer schedule for certain periods of time during the year is essential to keep your lawn growing consistently green and luscious all season long. Our lawn fertilization services are typically built into a lawn maintenance program designed specifically for your needs. The program would include everything your lawn needs to thrive and look fantastic. The answer is yes, we can be hired for stand alone lawn fertilization services but it's rare. Most of our customers opt for a maintenance plan that includes our full range of lawn care services, a great value.

If you're concerned about ticks in your yard, or your trees and plants aren't looking so healthy, we can help. Arborscape is one of the few Westchester landscapers with a dedicated outdoor insect control division. Yes, we deal with the usual nuisance insects like ticks, gnats, no-see-ums and mosquitoes but we also have a full service "tree and plant health" division that focuses on disease prevention as well as tree disease treatment. Recently, there's been a lot of awareness around tick borne illnesses such as Lyme Disease.

Or. "I'd really like to plant a cherry tree because I like pink flowers in May." Or. "I'd really like to do a perennial garden because I have no summer color." There are a bunch of ways that we can help you beautify your property with plants, trees and flowers. If you're not sure what you want, get in touch and have a no obligation chat with an expert. Retaining walls are a part of many of our designs and projects. They add form and function to the landscape. They're used to retain and manipulate grades.

When you hire us for a tree removal, we'll take your tree down with the right equipment, carefully and safely. Making sure your home, patio and outdoor living areas remain unscathed. Tree removal work is very dangerous and highly technical. Our teams are lead by I.S.A. Certified Arborists, with decades of experience to draw from. Having the right equipment is key. That's just one reason we're able to do the highly technical removals some tree companies shy away from. For residential or commercial tree removal, we're well equipped with bucket trucks, excavation equipment, wood chippers, you name it.

Protect your home, your lifestyle and your small business with the best home backup generators on the planet. Generac won't provide technical assistance or process warrantee claims unless you are a certified factory trained service dealer. To be a certified service dealer on residential and commercial Generac generators, we have successfully completed Generac's factory training and we receive ongoing training updates. Many of our landscape maintenance customers have apartments in Manhattan and weekend homes in Westchester.

Irrigation companies install lawn sprinkler systems all day long but that doesn't mean they know lawn care, or the specific water requirements for your landscape. The truth is most don't really understand the water demands of your soil, your lawn, or your landscape. That's a big problem, and here's why. Your typical irrigation contractor may know hydrology but they won't know that a spruce tree has different watering requirements than a river birch. Or that perennials prefer drip-hose irrigation because they're more susceptible to fungus with overhead watering.

When we say complete landscaping, we mean it. From design to build and then on to comprehensive aftercare, with tailored landscape maintenance programs, plant health care and even Westchester property management services. Our maintenance program is the heart of all our landscaping services. We can tailor a maintenance program for your property that gives you exactly what you need and nothing you don't. We used to subcontract all our irrigation work but the results were horrible. The irrigation companies didn't have the plant knowledge necessary to design really effective irrigation/ sprinkler systems.

We'll give you a really nice lawn that turns heads. You may even decide to take up golfing in your backyard after we're done with it. We'll make it grow lush and green for you, but that's not the big reason you'd want to consider us for lawn care. They're not going to do the grass cutting, or spring and fall cleanup on your property and they certainly won't be adding mulch or removing fallen trees in your yard. All phases of lawn care are done in-house by us. We don't sub it out. You can choose to have us strictly mow and trim, or we can customize a full blown lawn maintenance program tailored just for you.

Did you know? The average homeowner spends about 1hr and 15min weed-whacking and mowing their own lawn every week - for 28 weeks annually. We'll meet with you and find out what you need. You can hire us strictly for mowing and trimming, or we can put together a more comprehensive lawn care program for you. If you're looking for more of a complete property maintenance package, we can design one for your specific needs. We have 6 lawn maintenance crews running all season long, so you'll always be taken care of.

We're very selective about accepting new snow removal accounts. We provide an excellent service for new and existing landscape maintenance and property management clients. If you're not concerned about getting a premium service, there are plenty of other contractors you can choose that aren't concerned either. But that's not us. We keep our plow route very tight and we limit snow removal services to Chappaqua NY, Armonk and Bedford. It's the only way for us to maintain the kind of service our customers have come to love.

Your septic system's job is to filter your waste water and protect your drinking water. Sewage and grey water from showers and sinks are routed from your home's pluming to the septic tank. Solids are collected in the septic tank and processed by microorganisms. The liquid that remains is called effluent and it's toxic to your well water supply and our water sheds. A properly designed and maintained septic system will clean and filter out harmful pathogens and viruses from waste water before they come in contact with your well water.

Our interpretation of Property Management is in the context of an estate setting. We can be your property manager, care taker or estate manager. We can act on your behalf, coordinating and performing all exterior activities that pertain to your home landscape. In addition to property maintenance, we can manage and execute capital projects such as hardscape installation, landscape design, drainage and excavation, plantings and so on. If outside contractors need to be hired, we'll coordinate with sub contractors and make sure everything is orchestrated seamlessly and accordingly to plan.

Even if you don't already have a "garden, " our gardening services might be just what you need. This service is also for your planting bed areas, not normally covered under lawn maintenance. We're talking about shrubs, perennials, annuals and ground covers. Depending on your needs, we can visit your property, weekly, biweekly, monthly or a few times during the season. Most of our work involves weeding, edging, dead heading (removing spent blooms), pruning as well as disease and insect control. We have specialized garden crews led by gardeners that have been with us for over 15 years.

We have a hydroseeding truck that can lay down your new lawn in minutes, yes we said minutes. Hydroseeding (hydro seeding) is fast and a good option if you have a large area to cover or slopes on your property. With hydroseeding, no such cover is necessary. The seed has already been soaking before it's planted and it sits in an emulsion that helps keep it moist. This means super fast germination and no straw cleanup. If you need in instant lawn that can withstand heavy traffic, then you're going to want to go with sod (pre-grown lawn.)

If it's a removal that you need, we'll take it down with the right equipment so we're careful and safe. Great care will go into protecting the understory of the tree. Making sure your home, patio and outdoor living areas experience zero impact. If a tree is pruned too much, you can kill it. If it's not pruned enough, you can leave a lot of dangerous deadwood hanging in the breeze. Throughout the course of a year, a tree will shed about 10% of its canopy. Not a big deal in the middle of the woods but over your walkway, or home, deadwood can be deadly.

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