Wineland Walnut was founded more than 35 years ago with the intention of creating and selling high-quality wood products. Along the way, we have not only honed our skills in preparing and handling the walnut products, but we have also refined our business and learned how to streamline the process to maximize our efficiency. We pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers a large selection of turning blocks, gunstock blanks, lumber and large table-top-size slabs. Our inventory is such that you are afforded the freedom to select sizes, color, and figures that would best meet your needs.

At Wineland Walnut we pride ourselves on maintaining an inventory in excess of 300 tons of walnut logs waiting to be milled, not to mention a large stock of all products dry and ready for immediate sale. We produce Claro Walnut lumber, turning blocks, large slabs, instrument material (guitar bodies, ukuleles), and gunstock blanks. We also keep an inventory of gunstocks and turning blocks made from English and Bastogne Walnut. Most of the wood that we use is harvested nearby thereby minimizing the cost of transportation and resulting in savings we can then pass on to our customers.

We sell all slabs and lumber (including turning blocks) by the universal board foot. Prices are dependent upon the color, figure, and amount of natural flaws that the particular piece contains which contributes to its originality and desirability. Very plain Claro Walnut can go as low as $5.00 a board foot. The most desirable, highly figured, pristine wood containing good color can be priced as high as $60.00 a board foot. It should be noted that the higher priced wood will result in a one-of-a kind, finished product more beautiful and original than can be imagined.

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Have you ever wondered what it looks like when you mill a tree that has had a treehouse in it for the last part of its life??

Posted on Feb 20, 2021  •  Facebook

Happy Friday Friends! 😊 • We officially broke 800 likes, and even though that doesn’t seem like a whole lot in this big ocean of Instagram, it means so much that we have so many people supporting us during such an unsure time to have a family made/ran business. •With the ongoing support, we are...

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Check out this beautiful 20' Allepo Pine a client dropped off to be milled. We cut it down to two 10' logs and milled 2.25" cuts.

Posted on Feb 02, 2021  •  Facebook

As some know, the best way to clean up the natural edge of a slab is using a bead blaster with crushed walnut shells. It is a quick process with no sanding necessary and the shells only clean off the loose material and most of the hard stuck on bark that you just can’t seem to budge by hand! Plus...

Posted on Jan 30, 2021  •  Facebook