We are a full service tree care and stump removal business based out of Kennewick, Washington and also serving the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas! We pride ourselves on always making sure the trees in our community are healthy and beautiful. Our professional team has the expertise, equipment and staff to complete the job properly, professionally and in a reasonable time frame. Boyd's Tree, fourth generation tree men, provides the most comprehensive tree care. Dangerous and tight places are our specialty!

At Boyds Tree Service, we are a full-service tree care and stump removal business serving the greater Tri-Cities area, including Kennewick and surrounding communities. Our tree doctors are committed to ensuring the trees in our communities are healthy and beautiful! You'll find that at Boyds Tree Service - fourth-generation tree men - whoprovide the most comprehensive tree care. Tending to trees in dangerous and tight places is our specialty! Our tree experts provide proper and natural pruning so your landscape looks consistently amazing.

While trees and shrubs bring color and variety to a landscape if they are not tended to, what began as a pretty shrub can easily turn into an out-of-control plant that is unkempt, sparse, and unsightly. Having overgrown shrubs on your property can obstruct walkways and obscure scenery. When you reach out to Boyd's Tree Service for shrub trimming and removal, you are going with the experts in landscape maintenance. Boyd's offers highly trained and experienced crews that can restore order and beauty to your yard.

Trees kill scores of people every year. That is why we advise to having a well-experienced, highly-trained tree doctor remove trees from your property. It is especially important to go with a tree care professional for in tight-spot removals, when power lines, homes, or other structures are close by. If you have damaged, dead, or diseased trees on your property, then look to Boyd's Tree Service to remove them for you! Boyd's Tree Service is a fully insured and bonded tree removal contractor with many years of experience with tree care and tree removal.

Tree trimming will not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your landscape, it will also ensure the good health of your trees. Waiting too long to prune your trees can pose harm to them. Let Boyd's Tree Service take care of all your tree trimming and pruning needs. We have the professional experts, including an ISA certified arborist, to properly trim and prune your trees so they remain healthy and do not pose any hazards. Pruning is one of the biggest investments you can make as a property owner or community when it comes to the survival and extended life span of their trees.

At Boyd's Tree Service, we tailor our services to your unique landscaping needs. Our tree crew brings to your project extensive knowledge about the many aspects of trees - from pesky pests to soil and water needs. As we are enthusiastic about everything trees, we are dedicated to making sure your landscape looks just as you envision it to be. Like you, we enjoy the many trees and greenery that dot the Pacific Northwest landscape. While trees and bushes enhance the beauty of our properties, we also know that when they die, fall over, get infected, or become overgrown, they can become a nuisance and even a hazard.

Living in the Tri-Cities comes with it the risk of damage to our trees and shrubs that get pounded by occasional high winds and major storms. They can leave havoc in their wake such as trees uprooting or leaning, and cracked or broken limbs. All of a sudden your property can become a danger zone. Disasters do happen, and Boyd's Tree Service is there for you when it does. Our expert and highly trained crews will handle any size job to restore safety and beauty to your battered yard. Whether it is huge downpours of rain or furious winds, the rubble left behind can leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

Trees and brush touching power lines can also create sparks that can ignite fires, especially during the dry and hot conditions, like we have here in the Tri-Cities. That's where Boyd's Tree Service comes in. Our experienced, hard-working crews prune back trees so there is ample clearance from the power lines. We use modern power line pruning techniques that result in healthier, safer trees. These best practices also result in reduced line clearing costs. Our Boyd's Tree Service crews are expertly equipped to reduce the risk of trees and brush coming into contact with the power line, helping to reliable service and protect people and property.

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