Arbor Science offers a variety of services and options. From fine pruning of small specimens to large scale technical removals even teaching and educational services. We will cater to any of your tree needs. With safety being our biggest concern sometimes tree removal is the only option. Whether your tree poses a risk or removal is simply part of your objectives we can assist. At Arbor Science we understand the natural processes and requirements for your trees. Many of our trees are simply existing in the antagonistic urban soils around us.

Arbor Science Tree Care is a local family owned and operated comprehensive tree care firm. We have been providing quality care and consultation to our hundreds of residential and commercial clientele since 2009 with over 20 years experience in the arboriculture industry. We have also provided management strategies, reports, care and diagnostics for many of our Regional Wildlife Refuges, US Army Corp of Engineers as well as city and county municipalities. Tree care is often not a single service relationship.

Tree removal can be as simple as just dropping a tree or a full scale multiple rigging system for a technical removal over your home. Our Arborists are trained and well versed in technical rigging and the physics of rope systems as well as crane removal. We offer zero impact full clean-up removals as well as multiple removal options for every budget. Arbor Science will confidently remove any tree in any situation using modern tools and techniques.

Homeowners feel that tree removal is the only option for problem trees. These decisions are often based on poor information by uninformed tree services and arborists. Trees can cause damage to infrastructure, pose threats due to structural flaws, block light for solar panels, satellites and even gardens but often times tree removal is not the only option. With safety and health being of our top priority, Arbor Science can offer various different mitigation plans for tree preservation and retention.

A Certified Arborist is a person considered to be an expert in the art, science and care of individual tree specimens. The ISA Arborist certification process consists of formal education, rigorous testing in all facets of tree care or removal along with annual continuing education. Arbor Science Tree Care can provide on-site assessments and diagnostics for your tree specimens. The diagnostic process starts with the site and soil conditions before we even consider the tree symptoms. Often times tree issues start with an adverse environmental or cultural condition, which lead to pest or pathogen symptoms and signs.

Arbor Science can offer stump grinding as part of your tree removal service or we can swing by to stump grind existing stumps. Commonly we stump grind and leave debris/mulch on site to be back-filled into the stump void. We can also offer full service stump grinding which include removal of debris, back filling with soil and planting grass or a new tree.

On mature trees, pruning is required to remove dead, broken or dying branches to maintain safety and plant health. Reduction of crown competition and loading areas ie. Snow, ice and wind may need to be addressed as well. However, this does depend on species, health and vitality. This pruning type is referred to as crown cleaning. Conflicts with infrastructure such as structural clearance and low limb height may also require pruning. Arbor Science can also provide care and recommendations regarding aesthetics, balance, and view concerns.

Fruit tree pruning requires a considerably different approach to tree care with the main focus being structure, serviceability, and accessibility. Although pruning requirements differ from species to species, and even site or habit, the overall theme is similar. Production fruit trees will require annual maintenance and attention for table quality fruit. Understanding your site, your tree's requirements, and our environment will help you to make sound and informed decisions.

What's new?

Installing bio-barrier to prevent foundation damage from a giant sequoia without removing the tree. Just another option that we offer, rather than removal.

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