From spring cleanups and mulching to mowing, lawn rejuvenation, fertilization, weed controls to fall cleanups, we strive to provide end to end services to maintain or enhance the landscapes. One of the most mismanaged aspects of our landscapes today is irrigation systems. They are important to get new gardens and landscapes established but they need to be managed each season depending on each zone, climate and the type of the plants or lawn that are in your landscapes.

GreenScapes delivers organic land care according to the NOFA standards and practices. Services include organic lawn care and irrigation management, installation and maintenance. Run by Frank Koll who is a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor, an Irrigation Contractor and a NOFA accredited organic land care professional, GreenScapes advocates taking care of landscapes as a system and with an integrated approach. This means that we evaluate the existing conditions of your site including the state of your soil, your lawn and turf, perennials beds, shrubs beds and trees.

Lawns are the highest maintenance component of most landscapes and as such are getting a lot of attention when discussions involve the environment and "going green". Lawns are clearly suitable for recreational use and pathways. However, they often exist more out of habit and our need to see large expanses of green, an aesthetic we have become accustomed to but realistically costs us more money overall and harms the environment enormously under traditional approaches. Organic lawn care begins with the health of the soil and we create a program based on the information we get from a soil test and an on-site analysis.

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