Tree care and maintenance (known as Arboriculture) is both art and science. The team at Buds Expert Tree Care has been applying their skills and design to the trees of Portland and beyond since 2002. A careful eye, a veteran hand and arboriculturally-correct methods increases both the vitality and aesthetics. Buds Expert Tree Care is a family-owned and operated business. Pete Botke, owner and lead-arborist, takes great care to make sure that when the job is finished, both you and your tree are happy with the results.

We care for trees at every stage of their life. That said, each tree has its own needs. Some need pruned, others need re-structuring and some unfortunately need to be removed. Although it may seem like anyone with a saw can trim a tree, a professional can determine the specific treatment needed to improve the health and appearance of that tree. A distressed tree could end up as furniture or even firewood, but it will always have more value as a beautiful, thriving tree. By pruning we can direct the growth of trees to enhance their performance and function, adding aesthetics and value to the property.

What's new?

Before and After

Posted on Apr 27, 2019  •  Twitter

Word to the Wise: Now is the Time. Stock up on some firewood for next winter!

Posted on Apr 14, 2019  •  Twitter

Advanced Tree Identification Workshop Still, much to learn!

Posted on Apr 13, 2019  •  Twitter

Sasanqua Camelia Cheery!

Posted on Mar 17, 2019  •  Twitter

We have a Real Nice Day for Tree Work! Sunburst Honeylocust on the Alameda Ridge!

Posted on Mar 15, 2019  •  Twitter

Organic Fertilization, Inoculation of Soil with Beneficial Mycorhizae at Everett West. It’s an event space in the H…

Posted on Mar 07, 2019  •  Twitter

Snow Daze

Posted on Feb 27, 2019  •  Twitter

Hazard Tree came down today. Nobody got hurt. Nothing got broken. Nice work Fellers!

Posted on Feb 27, 2019  •  Twitter

Manzanita in Bloom!

Posted on Feb 24, 2019  •  Twitter

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