Founded in 1994, Gage Tree Service is a full-service tree and land care company serving residential and commercial customers. We've got the experience and capability to provide a full suite of tree care services as well as stump removal, vegetation management, and, during the winter months, holiday lighting and snow removal. With Gage Tree Service, you can rest assured knowing you are working with certified professionals who are at the top of their field.

Gage Tree Service employs talented, hard-working professionals, committed to upholding our Follow Through Promise and improving themselves and the environment around them. If you think you might be a good fit for our team, please complete our online employment interest form. We also accept resumes dropped off at either our Wasilla or Anchorage locations.

As arborists who are in the tree removal business, we see the results of poor planting practices on an almost daily basis. Over and over again, we are called to remove trees that, had they been planted properly, would not need to come out. Too deep, too shallow, too close to structures, wrong tree. When you need a tree planted and want certainty it will be done by someone who has been properly trained, you can count on us at Gage Tree Service. We value trees as you do. These trees are a gift for future generations and it's worth getting it right!

Sure, you want the trees gone, but more importantly, you want it done without damage to your property and without anybody getting hurt. And you don't want to pay more than it's worth. From getting one tree down safely so you can do the rest, to making a yard full of messy cottonwoods disappear, stumps and all, you can't make a better choice for tree removal than Gage Tree Service. Why use a crane? There simply isn't a neater, cleaner, more cost-effective or careful way to remove a tree. For removal jobs of about $500 or more (provided we have the necessary access), you can bet you'll get the crane.

We recycle the wood waste generated from the trees we remove by processing it into landscape mulch. The raw wood chips are re-ground and colored, or simply re-ground without color. You can choose from red, dark brown, or natural (uncolored). Mulch is available for pick-up or delivery at either of our locations. We also have unprocessed chips available, what we call raw wood chips. These chips are great for less decorative areas such as trails, muddy areas, large areas to be mulched, animal paddocks, and many other areas.

We bought our first snowblower in 1998 to clear snow from our tree jobs so we could work more efficiently in deep snow. It wasn't long before our clients were asking us to do their driveways, and the next thing we knew, we were in the snow blowing business. If you have limited area for snow storage, are tired of the damage caused by plows, or simply wanted a cleaner, more aesthetic looking job, you'll love our regular service.

What's new?

It's winter and we are still working strong. In fact, winter can be the best time of year for tree removal. *Some cabins are only accessible for our equipment in the winter *A frozen lawn means no track in the yard from equipment *Summer lawn accessories are put away and out of the way already...

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