Makai NY is an insured and licensed New York City cleaning service provider that offers professional and experienced cleaning and maid services and will gladly answer any questions regarding our services. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve our customers. Feel free to call us at 877-282-8050 or fill out our Contact Form. We are available to give free estimates by phone, over the Internet or in person. There is no contract to sign and no hidden charges.

Makai NY can use either client-owned supplies or our own cleaning supplies. If providing your own supplies, we ask that you include a broom, vacuum, vacuum-bag, mop, sponge, paper towel, air freshener, hand gloves, oven cleaner, soft scrub, dusting rugs and trash bags. Please note that should you choose to use our supplies, there will be a charge depending what and how much is used. It is entirely your preference; we will use whatever you recommend. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Thanks to the growing demand for house cleaning services of Makai NY, you can have so many options. Fortunately, you don't have to spend so many hours looking for the best house cleaning services New York City if you just know how to pick the best-that is the Makai NY. A lot of people spend endless hours choosing the best house cleaning services New York. Sad to say, they don't realize that there are two incredible ways to easily choose the best house cleaning services New York. The, for instance, features reviews and ratings about different companies rendering house cleaning services New York.

Living in New York is typically a rat race. That is how home cleaning services New York thrives in the city. People are usually very busy that they no longer have the time for house cleaning. As a result, they hire home cleaning services New York to keep their homes clean and tidy. When you come home, it would be irritating to see your house a mess. But if you hire home cleaning services New York like Makai NY, everything will be in place when you get home. So when you hire home cleaning services of Makai NY, you can actually relax at the end of the day.

There are lots of benefits that you can get from Makai NY. First, you can surely pass safety and sanitation inspection because commercial cleaning services NY will keep your restaurant clean from inside out. Second, you can attract slots of customers because you can offer clean facilities. All these can only happen if you hire New York City commercial cleaning. Aside from these two main benefits, commercial cleaning services of Makai NY can also provide quality service for extra-ordinary jobs. Here are some of the best benefits that you can get from commercial cleaning services NY companies.

Green Cleaning's aim is to minimize the existing threat of environmental pollution and ensure that our customers do not face any threat of asthma and other such serious health issues. Our work can be seen by the evident reduction of pollution indoors as your children's or yours' air related ailments are seen on the decline. Likewise you will notice that no matter what the weather is or how extreme the temperatures might be, regular sanitization done by our team results in lesser health issues arising.

If you're on a search for the very best housekeeping and maid services in the New York City area, you've made the right choice in coming to Makai NY! We're proud to offer the most responsible and efficient cleaning corporate services and residential New York City maid services in the city. Our firm is licensed, insured and experienced with maintaining all types of environments. From office organization in Manhattan to the most thorough house cleaning Queens has ever seen, our service and expertise are unmatched.

Wouldn't it be great if your home just cleaned itself? With the premium residential cleaning service offered at low rates from Makai NY, that's exactly what it will feel like! Our staff is extremely courteous, and we really listen to your needs and concerns. When we arrive to perform our job, we'll do only what you want and we'll do it exactly the way you want it done. Call today to learn more about our New York City residential cleaning services. We're in business to make you happy, and we guarantee satisfaction with our New York City residential cleaning service!

Cleaning companies New York can do a wonderful job for your place. You can depend on cleaning companies New York to perform residential or office clean-up jobs. However, just like in any industry, not all commercial cleaning companies New York are similar. Most commercial cleaning companies New York are very professional and can finish the job according to your requirements. On the other hand, there are some New York cleaning companies that could bring you a lot of headaches. So here are some basic tips that can guide you on hiring the best commercial cleaning companies in New York.

However, if you require a special clean-up job, then you can add this service to the contract. Normally, cleaning services in New York City companies will accommodate periodic special clean-up jobs if you have a long term contract with them. There are lots of things in your home or in your office that require special clean-up. So, it is best if you will consider this type of service from cleaning services New York City companies. Most cleaning services New York City companies specialize on standard scheduled clean-up jobs.

Every time you see the dirty carpet, full-of-mold tiles, spider web-invaded ceiling, and unclear windows, you know that you need to get maid services in New York City as soon as possible. But something is driving you away from making your decision-should you really need to get maid services or not? Before you make you final verdict whether to get maid services in New York City or not, read on first. Do you know that you need to vacuum your carpet, clean the sink, the toilet and bathroom, and wipe the dining table at least everyday?

These days, many offices trust Makai Services Corp because they target to lessen the threat of infectious diseases. Since Makai Services Corp utilizes a highly effective quality control, they are confident to guarantee their clients with an exceptional cleaning service. It is the objective of an office cleaning service in New York to deliver thorough cleanliness. For an office cleaning service like Makai Services Corp, providing a quality cleaning service is their big responsibility. So Makai Services Corp keeps on advancing their used methods including their equipment.

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