There's no secret to doing what we do. There are industry and manufacturers' standards. There is certified training. There are apprenticeships. The best equipment and cleaning solutions are available to anyone. If you strip away all their attempts to distinguish themselves, you will find that all the top companies essentially clean how Quality Carpet Cleaning does because it's what works best. A rose by any other name is still a rose. Quality Carpet Cleaning has thousands of independent reviews on sites like Yelp, Angie's List, Google, the BBB and various other review sites.

Quality Carpet Cleaning's roots go back to 1981 when Gary Lawrence put his first rig together and started knocking on doors offering his 5-Step Steam Cleaning Process. I joined Gary as his partner in 1987. Later that year we formed Quality Carpet Cleaning, Inc. and have been operating as such ever since. Our beginnings, like many small businesses, were humble. Gary slept on a futon in our dining room/office to save money. I drummed up business one phone call at a time (the internet was years away); and my wife, Connie, kept the books (as well as a day job).

The old adage, "It can't hurt to try!" applies in many ways, but not in spot cleaning. Failed spot cleaning often leads to permanent stains. On the other hand, time is your enemy as well. The sooner you can remove the spot from your carpet or furniture, the less likely it is to stain the fabric. Thus you have a classic, damned if you do -- damned if you don't scenario. The following is a link to an excellent spot cleaning chart from the Carpet and Rug Institute. However, I would highly recommend reading the rest of this article before attempting to remove a spot yourself.

Sealant is a topcoat of protection that helps prevent staining from spills, resists soiling and makes for easier maintenance. There are a variety of sealants to accommodate whatever look you're trying to achieve from no change to high sheen. Tile cleaning is priced by the square foot. Tile size may affect the price, as well as pre-existing conditions such as damage. Due to the number of variables, other surfaces such as showers and countertops can only be quoted on-site. This also applies to other materials such as stone.

Our steam cleaning process is essentially the one used by the majority of the nation's leading companies, and the one most recommended by carpet manufacturers. Our experienced and highly trained carpet cleaning technicians use top of the line equipment and environmentally safe cleaning products. If you are unhappy for any reason, we will gladly come out and re-clean anything you are not happy with. There's no secret to doing what we do. There are industry and manufacturers' standards. There is certified training.

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