We are a family owned in-home appliance repair company. We have provided quality service to the Charlotte area since 1952. For over 65 years we have given our customers same day service at a fair and competitive price. For over 65 years, Plaza Appliance Service has been making sure that your household continues to operate as smoothly as possible. We service a wide variety of manufacturers with haste and professionalism. From integrated refrigerators to microwave ovens, know that Plaza Appliance Service can repair your appliances in a timely manner, enabling you to devote your time to more important things in your day.

Plaza Appliance Service Company has been serving the Charlotte area since 1952. In most cases, we will repair your appliance in your home on the same day you call in. We're different than most other appliance repair companies in the area. To bring you the fastest service possible and get your appliances up and running fast we willdispatch one of our mobile technicians to you. This saves you the time and the worry of when you will be able to use your appliances. We know its stressful to wait on scheduling appointments so give us a call and let us show you what we can do!

An ice maker provides a home with a great deal of convenience. It is also an appliance that does not come with a DIY repair manual. That means when something breaks down, it's time to contact the professionals at Plaza Appliance Service and ask about our ice maker repair service. Since there are multiple components that are involved in the detailed process of making ice, there are potential problems that could impact certain components on the machine. Here is a look at a few of the components that could potentially fail and call for ice maker repair.

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A key ingredient in a stress-free home environment is comfort and convenience. Appliances such as washing machines, microwaves, refrigerators, and more all help us keep things happy and healthy in our homes. But what if something breaks?

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Routine dryer vent maintenance can help you avoid potentially expensive and dangerous issues. However, problems can still arise over time and knowing the warning signs can help mitigate costs and risks. Read here: https:// plazaappliancese rvice.blogspot. com/2020/12/ when-to-check-dr yer-vent-outsid e-of.html

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No matter what the issue with your appliance is we can get it back up and running.

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If you are experiencing any problems with your refrigerator, our technicians are available to service and repair your appliance same day.

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For all you DIY people out there, here's how to locate and change a microwave light bulb, https:// plazaappliancese rvice.blogspot. com/2020/08/ locating-and-cha nging-microwave -light.html

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Vacuuming your refrigerator's coils can help extend its life and save you money. Read here to learn more,… https://t.co/2QaPBBQB2g

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Hello Twitter! 🙌 We're new here but not to the appliance repair business as we have been providing top quality serv… https://t.co/6k1DAXlc6a

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