Florida Pond Cleaning offers environmentally friendly options for your needs. FPC offers environmentally friendly services. Featuring excavation contractors in Orlando that dig ponds as well as offer lake cleaning in Orlando and retention pond maintenance. We offer a number of specialized excavating solutions to meet your needs such as hydro excavation. We offer both commercial and residential excavation contractors. Based in Orlando, the business is a family-owned-and-operated provider led by a team with advanced degrees and experience in water management. Our techniques and products are EPA-approved and based on research by the leaders in Agricultural Sciences. Our Orlando Lake Cleaning services and pond cleaning are unmatched across Florida. Offering Demolition in Orlando and Land Grading in Orlando
Excavation Contractors Excavation Contractors

FPC Excavation unit is especially equipped to deal with situations where water maybe or is present. No one is better equipped or prepared to deal with any kind of water situation you may have encounter whether doing a pond excavation, lake excavation, drain systems, septic systems, foundations. We have the equipment and the know how to produce the best results for your project. Contact FPC today!

Lake Cleaning

At FPC we are a 100% chemical free lake cleaning company. We leave your lake or other body of water looking pristine. FPC offers first class lake cleaning that leaves your lake looking as nature intended. We use state of the art equipment to manage lakes and other bodies of water to prevent flooding, downstream erosion, and improve water quality in an adjacent river, stream, lake or bay. We also maintain and cleanup community lakes.

Retention Pond Maintenance Retention Pond Maintenance

At FPC we love what we do and are very proud of the work we do to help maintain retention without the use of the chemicals. We understand the complexities of the Government Regulatory Standards for owning and servicing a retention ponds. We always strive to adapt our services to stay current with the amendments made to those standards. Call FPC today and see why we are the best retention pond service.

Demolition Services

Demolition is precise work that requires total focus on the details in order to execute each job successfully and safely. FPC Demolition has the knowledge and expertise to perform pretty much any demolition job you can think of. Call us or fill out the form below for a free quote. 407-901-5656

Land Grading Land Grading

Land grading is a useful way of creating a pond or lake on a property. Ponds are constructed not only by digging down into the soil, but also by building up the area around the pond. Typically part of the pond receives rainwater runoff, so the surrounding land has to be shaped in such a way that the water flows to the pond.

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