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Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that your carpet tells the story of your home life? So, you need regular vacuuming and cleaning of carpet to keep your property clean and sanitized. Some of the people do the carpet cleaning process on their own but they cannot obtain the better result. It is because stain removal products and regular cleaning can help but cannot match the professional carpet cleaning power. This is where the need of Clean Air Houston Pro Company comes into the existence. If you are searching for the licensed, insured, and professional company to enjoy unbeatable carpet cleaning solution, then you are at the right place. We will help you eliminate the dirt, odors, and allergens buried deep in the carpet. Our expert crew has enough experience and knowledge in cleaning the carpet in an effective way.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

The Dryer Vent Cleaning service is performed by our well-known professionals in the field. We offer this service at the reasonable price. You don’t worry about the price range of the services. You can reduce the risk of the accidents in this way. You can save your life by avoiding the major accidents. On the other hand, you can save the money and time. The yearly maintenance and cleaning can improve the life of the dryer vent. You can make use of the dryer vent service at the right time. You can ensure the proper services here with our experts. Our professionals use the proper tools to clean the dryer vent. We follow the state of the art technology to clean and maintain the dryer vent.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage repair is one of the difficult tasks. So the property owners hire the professional repair service. Our professionals are trained in the water damage repair service. By using the water detection sensor our experts start the process to determine the damage and provide reliable service. We use quality materials to clean your home or office. When the commercial or residential place has damaged by the burst pipe or others then the property owner needs to hire the experts to repair the water damage problems. Our experts clean the damages quickly to the emergencies. We offer commercial and residential water damage restoration at a reasonable price.

Home Sanitizing Services

Contact Clean Air Houston Pro for professional home sanitizing services Houston Tx. We offer home sanitization for residential and commercial properties, and everything in between. Sanitizing your property is one of the best and the safest way to not coming to the contact of any type of virus and bacteria which forms numerous types of health and skin issues. People normally complain against the skin problems and asthma disease, but they always forget that the dust, micro-organisms, bacteria make them sick. Not cleaning houses, offices, and schools lead to some major and serious health issues. Unhygienic surroundings create negative vibe around us that’s why the cleaning and maintenance of hygiene are important.

Sewage Cleanup

Sometimes, backed up sewage and overflowing toilets can be caused by the clogged drain, natural disaster, or flooding. If your sewer system is backed up, it can release polluted water and waste into your home or office space. This can be dangerous to your health and even cause some extensive structural damage to your property and plumbing system. If you want to avoid all these troubles, then hire our sewage cleanup service because we offer effective and fast sewage cleanup service to make your property sanitary, dry, and looking fresh. Our company has a team of highly trained professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in handling everything properly.

I dealt with a Ben from Clean Air Houston Pro. He was polite, knowledgeable, and efficient. He had his trained staff members attend to our residence to perform a duct cleaning service. They were prompt, on time, and did an excellent job for my wife and me. They responded to our questions willingly and explained their process to us to help us understand the procedure. I would gladly recommend Clean Air Houston Pro to those looking to have their house vents cleaned and sanitized.

Ben was really great. He gave us a no strings attached evaluation on our house and was friendly & professional. He came in wearing booties and mask which we really appreciated and opened up the phlenum to see if there was anything lurking causing a strange smell. There was not, but I appreciated him giving me his opinion. Thanks Ben!

Ben and his team were kind, professional and prompt. We even couldn't locate the dryer vent on the exterior and they found it on the top of our roof, probably out of code. I was having a frustrating day and they made it significantly better. I highly recommend! Thanks guys!

We had these folks service our vents about two years ago. So knowledgeable. Easy to communicate with. We ended up calling them back for two more jobs. When our A/C was not working we called a repair company (good company also) who said we needed a new plenum. Quoted us $1200. So on a lark we called Ben and he replaced juts as good for less than $500!! Really great company.

Clean Air Houston Pro did a great job with our A/C, ducts and dryer vent cleaning. Ben was prompt, responsive and worked to give us a quote which was competitive. Once we gave them the green light, they were able to accommodate us in their schedule within 4 days (during the Holiday season!). On the day of the service, their team was punctual and Ben kept us informed of their ETA before arrival. They started on time, and did a thorough job. We were provided with before and after pictures, and they kept us posted on their progress throughout the day. They were also able to reach a hard-to-access vent on a two story high ceiling.
Ben, Herman and Diego were professional, courteous and careful not to damage any delicate household items while moving through out our house. I'd highly recommend them!

These guys saved the day cleaning my hard to reach dryer vent. I am very thankful for their prompt and courteous service. They followed up quickly after my initial call and fixed the problem within 24 hours.

Diego and Marta did a good job removing mold and dust out of my air ducts. Team showed up on time, took pics during inspection and explained every step. They were professional and thorough. I highly recommend this company.

We were very pleased with Clean Air Houston. Tammy was prompt in answering our questions and clear up front about potential costs (beware of promises by some companies to clean all of your ducts for one very low price). Ben called to confirm times of arrival. He was very thorough and did a good job of explaining what needed to be done. Although the project was very expensive, we had waited a long time before getting the ducts cleaned.

Ben was very nice and friendly! He checked the dryer vent line with his colleague and indicated everything looked fine. He recommended calling an appliance person to investigate any issues in the dryer itself to figure out why it's not drying quickly and why moisture is building up overnight when the door is closed. Based on the interaction I will definitely keep them in mind for air duct cleaning.

Did a great job getting mold and dust out of my A/C Air duct unit. Very Professional, informative and courteous.

Tammy, Ben and Marcos were all great. The customer service was top notch, reasonably priced (everything is guaranteed) and very professional. Ben explained everything they were doing in detail and answered any questions that I had when they were here. I'm so glad we hired them to clean our hvac and will use them again in the future to maintain our AC system. Thanks again for the great customer service, we appreciate it!

We had the attic unit and some of the ducts cleaned on Sunday afternoon. They gave a three hour window for the schedule but Ben did call beforehand to inform us of their arrival time. They charge by the number of ducts that need cleaning. Rate is based on the number. The more, the cheaper. Price seems fair. Louis spent his time cleaning the ducts and he was very thorough! Another guy worked on the attic cleaning the unit. He forgot to put a new filter back and didn't seal the duct that he opened for cleaning. Ben was able to come back a week later for the seal. All in all, we had a good experience. This is the second we used their service. Tammy, the office lady/dispatcher is pleasant to work with. Will recommend.

I used this company to clean out my dryer vent, the vent starts as the back of the dryer and exits on the roof. Dryer works like a charm now, as others have mentioned, although it cost $225 for the cleaning, it's cheaper than a new dryer, or a house fire. The job was quick, thorough, and my technician went over and above the task, as he climbed up to the roof and took off and reattached my dryer vent top, it was set too low to allow the lint to escape. And it was wet that day! Excellent service, will use again, and would not hesitate to recommend.

Impressive work, backed by before and after pictures (which I've lost). I would highly recommend Ben's team without hesitation. Appreciated the fact that they called to follow up on a large scale job (3 systems).

Ben and his assistant did a great job cleaning my dryer vent. Very friendly and professional. Reasonable price.

CLEAN AIR HOUSTON knows what they are doing! We noticed our allergies being bad, sneezing, coughing more and more lately. We have an infant as well, and noticed their little allergies were not doing well. Decided it's time to investigate, worried about mold and everything else. I called around. Was quoted many prices per vent. Some lower some higher, This company may seem at the higher end yet worth every penny. From the first phone call I was given thorough details about the process. Their price includes cleaning each vent no matter what is going on inside. Vs others who upcharge for different thingss, So if you have ancient dust build up , mildew or mold in your air ducts it's all the same price here vs many companys that inflate their prices on the spot. These guys spray disinfectant, apply a protective coating to prevent future problems and make sure the ducts are hospital clean. We added on the additional service of Blower, coil AC cleaning and could not believe what the before pics were like vs the after. Every attention to detail was taken care of. No hidden fees , everything told upfront. I highly reccomend this crew to all reading. Our house is older and has never had a cleaning since we recently bought it or before. This deep clean has made an immediate different in our sinus allergies. They gave tips on maintenance and they also offer carpet cleaning. We plan to call soon for that service. Live your lives with Clean Air Houston Pro! You, your family and guests will thank you!

Ben and Piter were excellent! Very professional and cleaned up after they did the duct work. This was our first cleaning for at least 20 years! We had some mildew/mold in the plenum box and general dust in our ducts. They took off all the AC vents first then brought their crazy machine to clean the ducts and they wiped the vents and put them back on. The house smells better after this cleaning and I got $50 off! For ever going through a duct cleaning, so far so good! Oh, plus they advised us to replace our AC filter so we did. That is a must!! Filter was sooooo dirty after cleaning. Good job guys! Thanks Tammy for such quick response to all my questions too! =). Just a funny side note, they found a small ball in one of our ducts!

Wonderful job! I'm writing this review for my mother. Shortly after Hurricane Harvey, I noticed what appeared to be mold near two of the A/C vent covers in my mom's kitchen. Not knowing whether it was mold or mildew, we opted to play it safe and have someone come out to take a look.

First off, Tammy (receptionist) was just great. I must've called her 4 or 5 times in one day as I played messenger for my mom. Tammy answered each of our questions with great detail and was very professional the entire time. Not once did I get the sense that she was irritated by my many phone calls.

Jacob and Elias were the team that came out to my mom's house. They inspected the two A/C vents in question, and also the attic as Tammy said they would. They took pictures of what they saw in the attic and showed my mom. Turns out, some components of the A/C system upstairs did require cleaning. My mother then asked for them to inspect 8 more vent covers and ducts on the first floor. Turns out she had some really nasty mildew growth - and a lot of it - under one particular vent cover and inside that duct. She had no idea that growth had accumulated in that place and is so relieved and happy she had them inspect the first floor.

Jacob and Elias were very helpful, diligent and even caulked a couple of vent covers for her at her request (she provided the caulk & caulk gun). She called me yesterday evening and had nothing but praise for Jacob and Elias. I was straight up shocked because she can be very difficult to please, so I was expecting a phone call full of criticism. lol

Thank you, Clean Air Houston Pro! I have a very happy mother on my hands thanks to you guys.

I had a great experience working with this company. From the easy scheduling to confirming my appointment they were very professional. I have a three story townhouse in Rice Military and their two man team made quick work of my vents and dryer vent. They even let me know the we had a gas leak (called the company ASAP) and gave us a great price on sanitizing the mold on the second floor. They worked around my family and our two dogs and my place instantly felt and smelled clean. Highly recommended, great value!

This company is the best!!!! We clean our air duct once a year in the spring due to our allergies, this year I called Clean Air Houston and we were so happy with their work that we decided to use them every year. The lady that answered the phone was very nice and helpful and we scheduled an appointment for the same week, the team arrived on time and was very professional and thorough, they cleaned the air ducts and even gave me a few helpful tips about my a/c, they finished pretty quickly and left the house with no mess what so ever. I highly recommend this company, you will not regret calling them!

I needed a air duct to be cleaned at my house since I was smelling mold all around.
I called Clean Air and scheduled for next day ! The technician arrived on time and explained me very clearly what needs to be done. He showed me the mold and the dirt all across the air tunnels and hour later my house smelled like new! The air quality improved right away.
The service Clean Air Pro provided was incredible! The price was very fair as well.

Highly recommended!