RestoreUnow provides fire and water damage restoration services in Washington, DC and the Maryland county, including Frederick and Howard counties. We also offer mold inspection and mold testing as well as mold cleanup services in the areas we serve. In case of flood damage, we perform water extraction, clean damage from a water leak and provide leak detection services as well as provide water damage repair services. If you are having smoke or odor problems in your household, our professional experts can also help you with remediation as well. Our trained team is also experienced in crawl space mold and water damage removal procedures if the need arises. Call our friendly experts today and get an estimate!
Basement Flooding Restoration

Your basement may experience flooding for a variety of reasons. Some of the causes for flooding in your basement may include: Plumbing leaks or breaks Poor drainage Sump pump failure Sewer backup Foundation leaks If you’ve previously experienced flooding in your basement, you run the risk of it happening again. By trusting flood remediation to RestoreUnow, we help prevent future basement flooding and recommend preventative measures you can take moving forward.

Crawl Space Water Damage Remediation

Your property can be a handy place to store infrequently used items, but chances are it's not a place you visit often unless you have to. Because it is so far removed from the main living area, any number of issues can remain undetected for long periods of time, including moisture. This can be further compounded by the presence of wiring and plumbing routed through this area for ease of access, and increases the risk of danger during remediation. At RestoreUnow, our team of experienced, trained professionals has the knowledge and equipment needed to successfully restore your property back to normal.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can stem from any number of sources, including damaged pipes, flooding, storm surge, sewage backups, plumbing mishaps, and more. The experienced, knowledgeable professionals at RestoreUnow have the equipment, technology, and training needed to efficiently and effectively manage water extraction, structural drying, cleanup, and waste removal, to minimize the damage and disruption to your business.

Mold Testing & Inspection

Your home should be a safe space where you come home and relax. If there’s mildew, it can be hard—not to mention hazardous—to do that. But how do you know your home has a problem like this? Well, the most obvious sign is visible spore growth, whether that’s on the walls, in a crawl space, or around the bathroom. If your home has visible spores, contact RestoreUnow immediately. Today’s homes are tightly sealed for energy efficiency, but that means excess water and water vapor can be trapped inside as well. This can lead to dangerous health problems, which are especially bad for those with allergies and asthma. Having your home tested can ensure your home is safe and comfortable for all those who live there!

Fire Damage Restoration

Having a fire in your home or business can be a devastating time that affects not only your family but also your possessions and prized memories. Even things that haven’t been damaged by the flames can be damaged by soot and smoke odor. After the flames are gone and the fire trucks have left, you need a restoration company that can quickly clean up and restore your home. At RestoreUnow, we want to help give you peace of mind and preserve and protect your home and its contents from further damage. Disaster doesn’t choose a convenient time to strike, which is why we are available 24/7 to help you. If you experience smoke damage in your home or property, do not enter the building until professionals tell you it is safe to do so. With severe damage, you may not be allowed back inside at all.

Junk and Item Hoarding Clean-Up Service

A trash disposal service is just one step in the process of helping someone affected by hoarding. The thought of cleaning up someone's unwanted belongings may seem simple, but in reality, the task is often complex and oftentimes dangerous. Trash disposal can pose several health threats, from bacteria growth to animal feces and rodent infestation. By hiring a professional company like RestoreUnow, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from these health hazards and trust that the job is handled thoroughly, professionally, and discreetly.

The owner, Kevin, is very knowledgeable and explains everything. He was quick to respond during the recent Hurricane rainfall, and told us what the base needs for cleanup were and what was extra. His recommendations really helped us decide how to proceed. I highly recommend this company and will use them for any future incidents.

We called Ross on an urgent job when it appeared we had a basement water issue. He was quick to respond, but well beyond that he was thorough, careful, exceedingly honest and took the time to go well beyond the call in order to really get the root cause of the issue. He was very balanced in his approach and he has my absolute trust. If we ever are unfortunate enough to need Ross' services again, I won't hesitate to call him and I recommend him without reservation. A true professional.

Superior professional service that is trustworthy when damage of this kind occurs.

Kevin and his team are knowledgeable, professional straightforward, honest, thorough and flexible. I've known Kevin since he was 18 years old through Curtis Fiber Cleaning,One of his family run companies. He has one of the hardest working people I know I'm just smart about hiring and retaining a really good team. He knows a lot about how to work with insurance companies to get the most out of your claim and his services. He is my go to guy on water mitigation, mold removal, tile floor steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning And air duct cleaning. These are not your five dollar room sham Carpet cleaners they have all the top certifications in all of their service skills.