Tile floors can look beautiful especially when they are new. Over time your tile can begin to look dull and dingy and the grout surrounding the tile can become dirty and grimy detracting from your floors beauty. Chances are you are visiting our website because your beautiful floors are looking a bit dull and dingy and you neither have the time or the proper tools to properly lean your floor and restore it to it's former beauty. Here at King Steam Floor Cleaning we are a fully licensed and insured floor cleaning company who is dedicated to providing all of our customers in Miami and the surrounding area with the very best floor cleaning services available.

When you have a new tile floor installed in your home the tile looks bright and beautiful, but over time your tile flooring begins to lose it's shine and look dull while the grout surrounding the tile becomes gray and filled with grime. Sadly, while sweeping and mopping your tile floor is a necessity the more often you sweep and mop your tile floors the more dirt and debris you will push into the grout around your tiles. If you are like most people, you don't have the time or the energy to get down on your knees and clean that tile, nor do you have the proper equipment to accomplish the job quickly and easily.

You can trust King Steam Mattress Cleaning to care for all your mattress needs. Our mattress cleaning solutions contain only safe, non-toxic, and highly effective ingredients. We recommend the hot water extraction as the most effective way to clean your Mattress. Our Mattress Cleaning Method is recommended by leading Manufacturers. We Use The Most Powerful, Safe, and Effective Cleaning with Steam Cleaning Solutions & Equipment. Our highly trained Mattress Cleaning technicians have years of experience in cleaning and restoring Mattress and box spring.

Many Florida homes have Mexican tile either Saltilo or Terracotta flooring due it's choice of sophisticated designs that really adds real beauty to your home. However, a build up of wax, dirt and stains can eventually leave your Mexican tile floor looking old and faded and in some cases that once beautiful floor becomes a real eyesore. However, help is just a phone call away when call the floor cleaning experts at King Steam Floor Cleaning. Our highly trained floor cleaning technicians have years of experience in cleaning and restoring Mexican tile and bringing back its natural beauty.

This is the most friendly cleaner I’ve ever been to! Highly recommend

Highly recommended to them. I am so impressed and that was surprisal moment when they finished their Service. Specially their attitude was too good.

I was very satisfied with my service they were quick for a response and did it on the spot. Andres was knowledgeable and was on point. My couch smells amazing now no longer have a heavy dog smell nobody can't tell it ever smelled. Thank you for your service!

I have been using King Steam U.S.A since I moved here in 2018. They have done excellent work, provided top notch customer service and they charge reasonable rates. I have recommended them to others who have used them and had the same satisfaction. Highly recommend!

very quick response, came out the following week, the carpet is amazing thought I was going to have to get new carpet. But no stains all gone excellent customer service and very friendly, also left house tidy and gave the carpet an added protection. Thank you so much kind regards King Steam U.S.A

I was told that​ cleaning the​ carpeting in my two bedroom apartment would be $376 for the best quality job. There was a small amount​ of stretching​​g that had to be done but I was told he would come back another day to fix it. He never returned​. Also,​ there were​ many spots that needed to be removed. After he finished the job they were still there.

The mistake I made was I left the apartment while he was cleaning​ it.

I would not recommend them to anyone

I called this company for carpet stretching and cleaning. When the technician got here he did not have the tool for the stretching and the company did not reschedule for the stretching.
The cleaning was okay the technician was very pleasant and professional.
Now I am trying to call to schedule the stretching for some reason both phones go to answering machine.
Don't think I'll get them again.

Simon is a nice person. Not pushy and good to deal with face to face,. He will be honest and up front with you. Give him a shot to do your work.

About 1 hour after i got off the phone with King Steam they were already at the receiving area of my building waiting to be let inside. My building is very particular about the contractors they let in but they were able to get in right away. That means that they have all the paperwork needed for high rises ie; Licenses, Liability Insurance, & workman's comp. I have had some issues in the past with other contractors I've called so this was a relief!

The job that needed cleaning was my huge sectional. I have 2 children at home and I'm sure many of you know exactly what kids can be capable of and what kind of damage they can do to a sofa. Did i mention i had a dog as well? that combo isn't too kind to nice couches. It was recently purchased just over a year ago and spent like $2000. So needless to say i did not want or have the means to dish out for a new one.

The serviceman got right down to it and performed a spot test on the meanest,toughest, most nastiest bad boy stain i had there. He showed me exactly what the couch was going to look like after it would be cleaned on a small area. And boy was i impressed, everything came right off, i believe the stain was a mixture of some milk, juice, pee pee, and only God knows what else. But BOOM! just like that the stains disappeared. How could i tell him not to make my couch look pretty again. lol

Bottom line is King Steam showed me what kind of Business they run which is why they receive 5 stars from me. They are speedy, reliable, punctual, and courteous and i hope and will do everything i can to not make my couch look a mess like it did before, but if it does happen again, i know exactly who to call!

And the prices weren't bad either

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