We have received information that someone has been posting fraudulent ads online on behalf of London Cleaning Agency. Please note that we are not currently advertising for new cleaners and, we do not ask for money for DBS or similar checks. London Cleaning Agency is based in London and offers a wide range of domestic and commercial cleaning services for Metropolitan London and London suburbs, tailor made to suit our customer's needs. If you find it hard to squeeze the cleaning of your home into your hectic weekly routine, we will gladly relieve you from this unpleasant obligation and help you with your domestic chores.

We provide a wide range of domestic cleaning services to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Our services are tailor-made to suit the needs of each flat or house we take care of. Whether you need your home cleaned regularly, every week or fortnightly, we have the right services to meet all your requirements. When using our services you will have the same cleaner every time and we provide a replacement when not available. Our employees are reliable, hard-working and trustworthy; there isn't a cleaning job they won't be able to complete.

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Merry Christmas to all our existing and future clients! It is an honour to serve you. https://t.co/u0Jl2W802N

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Regular Domestic Cleaning for £10 per hour - http://bit.ly/9wefnW

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