These days it is essential to develop maintenance programs that provide the most effective and lasting solutions for your real estate, building or facility's needs. In an age where architectural design usually trumps the practicality and the means for cleaning, building materials and the specifications for cleaning and maintaining them continue to evolve and develop. This requires that building maintenance service providers constantly be on top of their employee training programs, legal and environmental requirements and also all applicable technical certifications.

Owner and operator, Jim Ellis, founded our company in 1984. Since then, we have shown consistent growth and in 1998, incorporated as James Ellis Enterprises, Inc. Two basic principles have proved worthy from day one and are now ingrained throughout the company's corporate culture; a willingness to work hard and the conviction to always do right by people. Today, we have a significant presence as a reliable, regional building service contractor. Our geographical areas cover the tri state area of California, Arizona & Nevada.

Gone are the days when you can call up your neighborhood "window guy" to clean the windows. Unfortunately, for some building owners and managers, they still have in their mind; " A window is a window; how hard can it be to clean them?" Window cleaning today is much more then a function of removing dirt and grim from a glass surface. Those who don't learn this fact, inevitably find out the hard way. Today, window cleaning is much more involved with manufacturing advances in insulated glass and tempering processes, together with innovation in the architectural design uses of glass, window cleaning has become much more sophisticated and can no longer be taken for granted.

Being a regional building service contractor offering multiple services has put Ellis Enterprises into the position of being an efficient, value-driven service provider to the retail industry. On one hand, our customers enjoy the operational savings of economies of scale due to our ability to provide multiple maintenance services to a fairly large geographical area. On the other hand, our clients also receive the close, personal partnering service that a direct vendor provides. Together with our 24 / 7 service, our ability to customize invoicing and reporting and our state of the art electronic scheduling and work order tracking systems, we are able to offer service equal to, or in many cases exceeding that of national service providers.

I wanted to thank you and your staff for the outstanding performance with the recent projects Ellis Enterprises has completed here at the building. The quality, care, customer service and cost of the work was outstanding and I look forward to future projects we have planned here at the building. We really appreciate the service we receive from your guys. From your Call Center to the technicians, they are all very responsive to our needs and your prices are great too! Ellis Services building maintenance company for all your facility maintenance needs.

Any horizontal or vertical surface can quickly accumulate stains from grease, oil, algae, roof runoff, efflorescence, atmospheric pollution and more. Each one can seriously degrade the value of your asset and can even ravage the integrity of the structure. It will nearly always distract from the curb appeal of your property. Ellis Enterprises uses both low and high pressure delivery of cold and hot water systems, to safely and effectively power wash all types of surfaces. Our systems will help restore, maintain, and protect your property and can certainly make a dramatic difference in the overall of your appearance of your facility or home.

Ellis Services building maintenance company for all your facility maintenance needs. In addition to window cleaning in California, Nevada and Arizona, we also do power washing for commerical, industrial and retail building management. Scratched glass polishing and graffiti removal services make your business look good. Some of the services we provide include window cleaning, power washing, metal maintenance, construction cleanup, awning cleaning, sign cleaning, high dusting and bird proofing, graffiti removal service and scratched glass polishing, and surface restoration.

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