Western Building Maintenance is the leader in exceptional cleaning services in Idaho, Washington and Oregon. We have built a great business and service reputation since 1962. Our services include full janitorial cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, duct cleaning, construction clean up, mold remediation, hard floor maintenance, and parking lot maintenance. We can clean just about anything! From the foundation of our company, we have taken care of many kinds of businesses such as retail stores, restaurants and construction sites.

We specialize in cleaning all types of buildings such as retail facilities, warehouses, federal, state, and city buildings, and office buildings of all sizes. No matter what your building cleaning needs are, we can handle it. Western Building Maintenance janitorial contracts are tailored to your specific needs. Please contact our sales team and they will create a cleaning program for your facility. We provide a wide variety of work schedules to meet your cleaning needs. This may include: daily, weekly, monthly, periodic, or on-call services.

We use a top of the line hot water extraction unit to clean and disinfect your carpet. To maximize their life and ensure good indoor air quality, carpets should be cleaned semiannually. The best method to clean home low knap industrial carpets is the shampoo system. This brush driven machine uses a dry foam shampoo to move the ground in dirt to the surface of the carpet allowing us to use our commercial backpack vacuum cleaners to remove the residue. This method is also very effective in high traffic areas and hallways.

Moisture in a crawlspace or attic can lead to microbial growth (mold). Mold feeds on the building materials weakening the structure of your home and causes an unhealthy indoor environment. We are trained and certified through IICRC and follow EPA guidelines. We are also certified with MICRO and have been active in the mold remediation industry since 2003. If you are having mold issues please contact Western Building Maintenance. We use a low noise, state of the art duct cleaning system that will take out the debris, dust, and allergens that collect in your duct work.

For years our clients have enjoyed the peace and safety of having clear walks and parking areas during the winter storms. Our shovel crew remove the snow and apply ice melt to provide safe passage for you and your clients to the front door of your office. The plow drivers work tirelessly through the night clearing drives and parking spaces. We have crews in most cities and towns in Idaho, Washington, Eastern Oregon, and Western Wyoming. If you have commercial snow removal needs and want reliable and consistent service contact Western Building Maintenance.

We clean all types of windows such as high-rise glass, skylights, or display glass. We recommend windows be washed two to four times a year. We clean with industry standard equipment and maintain this equipment to meet current OSHA standards. WBM offers window cleaning for residential homes as well. Two-story home? No problem! Our technicians are trained to work on A-frame ladders, sectional ladders and extensions ladders, so no window is out of reach.

Great work in the middle of a snow storm. Leak mitigation on the roof caused by wind and snow. Fixed the roof on time and on budget. This division is now Disaster Pro and they are PRO at what they do.

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Happy Valentine's Day from everyone here at WBM!

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Humans aren't the only ones who enjoy clean carpet. Give WBM a call to schedule your next carpet cleaning. Don't worry, we specialize in the removal of pet hair too.

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You're not seeing things, these windows are just that clean. Give WBM a call to schedule your next residential or commercial appointment!

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What will you do today to honor MLK?

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What is the grossest thing you have found in your carpet? #wbmclean

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Pinterest Pumpkin recipe gone wrong? Ya we can't help with that, but we can clean up the mess! #wbmclean

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What are some of your favorite cleaning products?

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Congrats to #WBM's Carlos Lopaz, he is celebrating 13 years with us!

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What is worse, a dirty kitchen or dirty bathroom?? #wbm

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Just setting up my Twitter. #myfirstTweet

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