The word is out that Amarillo Cleanpro is making a statement in the carpet cleaning industry. We have been pleasing our customers with a system that has proven itself to be the finest on the market today. We take pride in serving Amarillo with outstanding service, and unbeatable results from our quick-drying extraordinary carpet cleaning process. Contact Amarillo Cleanpro today for a free consultation. The Amarillo CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System is a revolutionary breakthrough using technology with common sense - the ION EXCHANGE process.

Commercial carpet cleaning is something that we have vast experience with. Whether it is a large 35 story office building, rental units, or any other type of commercial carpet cleaning, CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System will amaze customers time and time again. We have the ability to make carpets last 2 to 3 times longer on average for any commercial building. We're talking about a lot of money to be saved on behalf of the owners of these buildings. There is no carpet that is too dirty for the CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System.

Approximately 50% of people out there are pet owners. The biggest mistake you can do is to go to the nearest supermarket or pet store and buy the pet stain remover's that they have on the shelf. We've tested them, and they all are pretty much just a version of soap, detergent or surfactant. Even if the stain is removed these products leave a lot of residue in the carpet and what is left a week or two later is what we call a secondary stain. This is where the original stain turns to a dark gray color.

Your CLEANPRO professional is an expert in upholstery cleaning and protection applications. The CLEANPRO Cleaning Solution obtains fabulous results on all kinds of upholstery fabric. We at CLEANPRO are not only experts in our knowledge about cleaning upholstery, but we are also able to clean it far better than our competitors with quicker drying time and absolutely no residue from our cleaning. The steam cleaning industry (water extraction) typically cleans upholstery the same way they clean carpet.

Every CLEANPRO professional is required to handle any basic flood restoration needs that you may encounter. Anything can happen from a faulty, old hot water tank exploding, bursting pipes, Mother Nature, and everything in between. We know that most people are going to call either a local carpet cleaning business or their insurance company when there is a disaster like this. Either way, we believe that we should always be prepared for these situations if you have an unfortunate incident happen. With all the Carpet Cleaning Opportunities out there it can be confusing can't it?

Are the tile and grout in your home looking less-than-stellar lately or even downright nasty? If that's the case, worry not! Your CLEANPRO professional can provide tile and grout cleaning services for you. Not only that, but they'll deliver the best results, ensuring your home will be sanitary and looking good as new by the time they're done. With time and use, dust, dirt, and grease start sticking to your tile and grout. This not only makes your home seem disheveled and dirty, but it also creates the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of germs and health-threatening bacteria, such as E-Coli and Salmonella.

Most people don't know that "steam cleaning" is simply a marketing term not an actual carpet cleaning process. In the 1960's when hot water extraction was used to clean carpets (and still is to this very day), it was not possible to market the words "hot water extraction". So hence the term "steam cleaning" for carpets was born. This term sounded hotter, better, even sanitizing to the public. Steam cleaning does not exist and never will. If you use the actual temperature of steam to clean the carpet, it would melt the carpet.

When it comes to residential carpet cleaning, the CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System literally blows people away. We clean carpets all the time where the customer beforehand is convinced that they have to replace their carpets. In most cases we can bring their carpet back to like new again, thanks to our amazing ION EXCHANGE cleaning technology. Our quick drying, no residue carpet cleaning system provides us with repeat customers and referrals like nobody else. Among many things, this is where we are very different from our national competitors.