With over 300 satisfied clients, Jani-Care can provide testimonials which prove we are capable of any task. Jani-Care offers monthly contracts, carpet cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, pressure washing, ultrasonic blind cleaning, professional window washing and day porter service. You can be assured that your company is safe from destruction or lawsuits because we are licensed, bonded and insured up to one million dollars. All of our employees are investigated to ensure honesty and integrity and supervisors are assigned to every job to ensure perfection.

Jani-Care Commercial Cleaning, Inc. was founded in 1986. Its owner and president Daniel J. Bonfiglio has relied on personal service and professionalism to grow the business from a one person operation to over 250 employees. His personal commitment to customer satisfaction has been the backbone of the business since the beginning. The management team as well as the employees are instilled with the same commitment to excellence. Jani-Care is proud of our new 11,000 squart foot facility located at 6676 Exchequer Dr. (off Industriplex Blvd).

When you need professional window cleaning, trust the experts at Jani-Care. We remove all the dirt, grime, and smudges from your windows. With our help, you can spend less time cleaning and more time playing with your kids or impressing customers. With hundreds of satisfied clients, Jani-Care can ensure a great window-cleaning experience for your commercial or residential property. We clean your windows with effective solutions so the sunlight always shines through. Our employees are trained in cleaning techniques as well as safety standards.

Jani-Care is not just an outstanding cleaning company, it is also an authorized distributor of a full line of janitorial supplies. We offer a wide variety of exceptionally high-quality products and equipment. Improve the cleanliness standards of your business and save money on janitorial products by buying directly from Jani-Care. Our janitorial supplies can save you money by lowering your cleaning costs. With top-quality products from the professionals, you can ensure you get the best results without spending a fortune.

Make a great first impression on friends, customers, or clients with Jani-Care's leading pressure washing service in Baton Rouge. The experts at Jani-Care ensure your business or home will look professional with commercial-grade pressure washing equipment and powerful cleaning agents. We'll clean your commercial or residential building and surrounding areas for a great appearance and damage prevention. Whether you have a business building that is completely brick or you have a home that is wrapped in vinyl siding, we can help restore the building's professional appearance with our pressure washing services.

When you need professional carpet cleaning in Baton Rouge, call Jani-Care. Our services give you a cleaner and healthier home by providing a deep clean. See the difference in your carpet's appearance and your family's health today with carpet cleaning services from Jani-Care. Our carpet cleaning solution penetrates deep into your carpet's fibers to lift stains, grime, dirt, and odors. Our powerful solution combined with our commercial-grade cleaning equipment means your carpets look like new after service.

When you need professional commercial cleaning, call Jani-Care in Baton Rouge. We help your business retain a professional appearance for clients and customers while keeping your workspace sanitized for employees. You'll start each day knowing your building is clean and ready for business. At Jani-Care in Baton Rouge, we provide commercial cleaning services for every industry. From healthcare industries to office environments, we have the experience and expertise to provide quality, high-standard commercial cleaning services.

As a business, it's important to maintain clean floors for a good appearance and a healthy environment. By choosing Jani-Care as your dedicated commercial floor cleaners in Baton Rouge, your floors will be left spotless and well-maintained. From vacuuming to a deep carpet cleaning, we are confident our floor cleaning services will leave your office looking stellar. From foot traffic to spills, your floors endure a lot of wear and tear. However, different types of floors require different types of care.

When you need professional floor stripping and waxing services in Baton Rouge, call Jani-Care. Our services will restore your dull floors into sparkling surfaces rich with color. Elevate the appearance of your business and keep your floors looking clean and professional with complete floor restoration services from Jani-Care. Your floors have a layer of protective wax coating them. The wax protects your floor from scratches, stains, and other abrasions. Over time, however, the protective wax is dirtied and worn away by heavy traffic, dirt, and other elements.

Oriental rugs are delicate yet beautiful additions to any office or home. When they need to be cleaned, however, a special solution and technique need to be used as they are very sensitive to traditional cleaning methods. That is why you need the professional oriental rug cleaners at Jani-Care in Baton Rouge to do the job correctly. Our trained cleaners make sure your area rug looks beautiful, vibrant, and refreshed with our gentle yet effective oriental rug cleaning service. With over 30 years of oriental rug cleaning experience, we know how to carefully clean and dry your home or office's area rug to preserve the fibers and extend its life.

Jani-Care offers professional deep cleaning services by our in-house trained team of expert cleaners for all industries. We're capable of cleaning anything and everything from carpet cleaning to pressure washing, and we do it on a schedule convenient for you or your business hours. Our deep cleaning services will leave each room of your home or business sparkling and up to your standards of clean. We pay attention to the details when we're cleaning residential or commercial property. With our top-grade cleaning supplies and equipment, we assure clients a quality service no matter the size of the cleaning job.

Jani-Care provides effective rug cleaning to refresh your spaces. With more than 30 years of experience, we know how to revive your rugs back to their former glory without damaging the patterns or color. Trust Jani-Care for rug cleaning services today and feel the difference under foot. At Jani-Care in Baton Rouge, we know how to properly clean any type of area rug with careful and thorough techniques. We're experts at reviving many types of rugs including oriental, wool, or antique rugs. Our highly-trained staff use a gentle rug cleaning solution and drying process, which preserves the dye within your rug's fibers.

Jani-Care is not just an excellent cleaning company; we are also a provider of top-quality cleaning supplies to businesses all over Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. We can get you the supplies you need to keep your business clean and well stocked, without you having to go to a crowded store filled with empty shelves. Whether you need the full spectrum of supplies or just a few gallons of hand sanitizer, Jani-Care has got you covered.

Jani-Care ensures your office's upholstery is ready to impress with professional upholstery cleaners and experts. As experienced upholstery cleaners, we remove spots, stains, dirt, and odors from your furniture, drapes, and more for a clean and healthy work environment. Revitalize your office without the need to replace all furniture and curtains with upholstery cleaning services by Jani-Care. Our professionals put together a custom cleaning program based on the condition and soil level of your upholstery and drapes.

Jani-Care delivers industrial cleaning services to small and large facilities, hospitals, colleges, and more in Baton Rouge for a clean and safe work environment. Our experts handle the challenges of industrial cleaning with ease to ensure your operations stay on schedule and the floor stays hazard-free. Trust the industrial cleaning experts at Jani-Care for your cleaning needs. As the industrial cleaning experts, we know how to properly maintain your facility. Our cleaners adhere to the highest safety standards and never interrupt workflow.

Don't let moving stress you out. We know you have more important problems to worry about during a move. When you need cleaning marked off on your check list, we have your back with professional and thorough cleaning. Call Jani-Care in Baton Rouge today for move-out cleaning services to make sure your home or apartment is spotless before you move out. Whether you are required to present your home in "broom-clean condition" according to your contract or you are cleaning it out of courtesy for the new residents, we can help.

Maintaining a clean workspace is hassle-free when you use Jani-Care's complete janitorial cleaning services in Baton Rouge. Our trained staff maintains a healthy work environment for your employees and clients. Call Jani-Care in Baton Rouge and have your office cleaned on a regular basis. Jani-Care is dedicated to providing professional janitorial cleaning services to the businesses of Baton Rouge. For more than 30 years, we have relied on personal service and high standards to provide the best service possible.

It can be hard to enjoy your newly constructed home when there is construction debris, dust, and materials covering every square inch of your house. Construction crews are great at building your home, and while they do a casual clean when they're done, they are no cleaning crew. When you want to relax in your new home, call Jani-Care of Baton Rouge. Our new construction cleaning services ensure your new home is spotless. We perform a detailed and thorough cleaning of your home after its completion.

The Jani-Care crew does a great job cleaning my office in a quick professional manner.

They can do amazing things with carpet stains and even remove years of build up on hard floors. Highly recommend

What's new?

Now Hiring! Janitors needed for Pt/Ft positions in the Baton Rouge area. Afternoon-night shifts only Must have reliable transportation 1 yr Experience required Call 225-751-2273 to schedule your preliminary interview.

Posted on Feb 17, 2021  •  Facebook

Jani-Care shifts will be providing services tonight. We are working hard to reschedule all necessary customers for this week and early next week. We will be sure to disinfect and clean all facilities to satisfaction. We appreciate everyone's understanding at this time. Thanks

Posted on Feb 17, 2021  •  Facebook

Due to inclement weather conditions all janitorial shifts have been canceled for Monday 2-15-2021. We will make the appropriate reschedules for all Customers accordingly.

Posted on Feb 15, 2021  •  Facebook

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