A commercial pressure washer may not be necessary, depending on what type of exterior your home consist of. If your home is brick then yes, you do need and should use a good pressure washer. But if your house is covered with vinyl siding or any sort of wood siding, high pressure will usually cause more harm than good since low pressure and a professional strength siding cleaner is all that's needed. When a home gets covered with dirt, grime and other unwanted substances like mold and mildew, it is time to take action by pressure cleaning the home's exterior.

Cement can be one of the most challenging substances around a home to clean. Concrete is very porous which allows dirt, tree sap and rust stains or actually mineral stains, to sink deep down making it almost impossible to clean with just soap and water. In order to clean concrete effectively, you must use a commercial grade power washer along with professional grade cleaners made for cleaning concrete. So forget about using off-the-shelf cleaners and the ninety dollar pressure washer, that is unless you really just need an excuse to play in the water or want to deep clean the soles of your shoes, because that's all you'll accomplish if you try cleaning driveways or sidewalks with the items mentioned above.

Cleaning a roof is something that most home owners are scared to do and rightfully so since doing the job incorrectly can cost thousands of dollars in roof replacement and even worse, there is a high risk of falling. Anytime you mix soapy water with a steep pitched roof and then throw walking into the mix, you are really asking for trouble. The dangers associated with roof cleaning are far greater than what you save by attempting to do this type of exterior cleaning on your on. Roof cleaning is better known in the pressure washing industry as soft washing.

A simple way to keep your property in top condition is to power wash it on a scheduled basis. This includes home exteriors, concrete driveways, wood decks as well as the roof if it's a residential property. Commercial businesses need pressure washing services as much as home owners for cleaning the exterior of their office building, parking lot, cement sidewalks and even the awnings over the entrance ways. These are but a few of the many instances where power washing is a necessity. At Superior Power Washing, we know how important it is to keep your property clean.

Power washing, a do-it-yourself fun time, or is it? If you have ever tried power washing a brick home or a concrete driveway, you may have somewhat of a different response than someone who has only rinsed or lightly washed a vinyl siding house. The truth is, even the easiest of jobs are sometimes harder or consist of more than what common sense alone can solve. An example would be cleaning vinyl siding. Yeah it looks easy and when you're doing it, dirt just seems to rinse away. But did you know you need to apply a wax after you finish the cleaning step to prevent mold & mildew from returning?

When a home gets covered with dirt, grime and other unwanted substances like mold and mildew, it is time to take action by pressure cleaning the home's exterior. House washing is necessary if you want to keep your home looking great and especially if you want to maintain or even increase the value. It is a known fact that keeping the outside of houses clean will extend or at least get the full life out of the exterior products used to cover the walls like vinyl siding and especially wood. The good news is cleaning houses is a fairly easy task, that is if you have the right equipment, the know-how and most importantly, some free time to spend performing the task.

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