Most conventional cleaning products we all grew up with are petroleum-based and have dubious health and environmental implications. We believe your carpets should not only LOOK clean, but also FEEL clean. Breathing or touching residual harsh cleaning compounds just cannot be good for you or your family members. This is especially important if you have small children or asthmatic sufferers in you household. For our standard Residential Carpet Cleaning service, we use only the minimal amount of natural and environment-friendly cleaning products and methods to thoroughly steam your carpet clean.

Service, it's more than just a word - it's the reason we are in business. At Paradise Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery, we use steam cleaning to coax out the grind-in dirt and spills that have accumulated in your carpets. We are careful about our customer's welfare as well as the environment by add just the minimum amount of cleaning solutions necessary to loosen the dirt and immediately vacuum the cleaning solutions out of your carpet to minimize exposure. Perhaps the best way to select a carpet-cleaning professional is through referral from friends and family.

There's nothing like a freshly steam cleaned carpet to make your carpet toe-wiggling soft and inviting for lounging. At Paradise Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery, we use gentle, safe steam to coax out the grind-in dirt and spills that have accumulated in your carpet. It is not uncommon for the air inside a home or office to be more toxic than the air outside. This is because of the presence of toxic materials and substances and the fact that homes and buildings are better insulated than ever before (which is a good thing from an energy standpoint).

Perhaps the best way to select a carpet-cleaning professional is through referral from friends and family. A glowing endorsement can provide great peace of mind when you are evaluating a new service. A reputable cleaning professional should have available a list of satisfied clients or businesses that use their services. At Paradise Carpet Cleaning, we've been taking care of our customers for over 30 years and we are proud to say that 90% of our new customers come from referrals by existing customers.

Imagine what's on your shoes at the end of the day. Bringing that oil, antifreeze, animal waste, particulate pollution, pollen, and who knows what else into the house is not good news, especially for kids and other critters that spend time on floor level. Keep the sidewalk out of your home with an UltraGreeen carpet cleaning from Paradise Carpet Service. We use only water or natural solvents - natural, environment-friendly products and methods to keep your carpet clean and fresh-smelling without the toxic side effects.

What's new?

I've up dated the equipment with a 2019 Chevy van and a new Direct drive Hydra Master machine for many more years of reliable service.

Posted on Jan 26, 2020  •  Facebook

If tile floors have lost that new look , we can renew them .

Posted on Nov 27, 2018  •  Facebook

The dark edges at the corner in the bottom picture is Microfiltration , there is s special process we can use to remove it.

Posted on Jul 24, 2018  •  Facebook

If you have pets they may have left hidden treasure around the house. we use a special light to locate, disinfect and deodorize them.

Posted on Jun 02, 2018  •  Facebook

If you spill a cup of coffee, DO NOT use a red party napkin to clean it up! Call a Professional. We were able to get most of this out. The after picture was taken 2 weeks later when I went back to clean some Upholstery. Enjoy your Coffee.

Posted on Mar 27, 2018  •  Facebook

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