UCM Cleaning Services (AKA: New York Carpet Cleaning) is a professional carpet cleaning team with years of experience providing a wide range of cleaning solutions to all your residential and needs throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut metro areas. We employ well trained technicians who represent our full and unconditional commitment to providing you with the most efficient and affordable cleaning services possible to your exclusive satisfaction. Their expertise together with our equipment and commitment has made us a leading entity in the cleaning field.

UCM Cleaning Services (AKA: New York Carpet Cleaning) has developed from a relatively small, local establishment to the one stop households and commercial cleaning giant that we are today. We are meticulous about employing the most technically adept technicians, trained to use the most sophisticated state of the art cleaning equipment and the highest grades of cleaning materials to ensure your satisfaction. Using our expertise and highly professional knowledge of the treatment required for all fabrics, weaves and piles, our advanced equipment uses less water and reduces the drying time, therefore minimizing the possibility of shrinkage, soaking, and mildew growth.

The air conditioning and ventilation system in your home or office can be a collection point for a variety of undesirable bacterial contaminants such as molds, fungus, and bacteria. While HVAC systems are meant to separate the good air particles from the bad, an under functioning HVAC system, one whose cleanliness has been ignored, will not be able to function properly, and consequently, will allow many harmful air particles to slip into your air. A New York Carpet Cleaning air duct specialist can come to your site and check your duct's interiors to gage whether or not your air ducts require cleaning.

Hardwood floors are certainly luxurious and are home and office investments that, when maintained, can really pay off. The everyday scratches and dings that are naturally associated with wood flooring can devalue your property piece significantly as well as conceal a number of unhealthy air borne pathogens, like dust, dander, soil, among others. New York Carpet Cleaning's hardwood floor refinishing services employ our state of the art equipment and vast technical know-how. Our equipment allows us to remove blemishes, such as juice stains, coffee, crayon, ink, shoe polish, adhesive, tar, paint, scuff marks, oil and grease, without polluting your home with dust and wood particles.

Commercial cleaning of carpets, upholstery and offices make sense as they offer a healthier environment for people to work in. Offices are frequented by many people and thus unhealthy environment can risk the health of the entire workforce and be counter productive. With regular commercial cleaning of rugs and carpets deployed at such places, offices can reduce the health risks. Carpets are big purchases for industrial and commercial establishments. Fresh and clean carpeting are very appealing and maintaining it as fresh as new can add more dimensions to the work area.

UCM Cleaning Services also specializes in the unique field of window furnishing, cleaning, and repairing. These furnishings are produced from a variety of materials such as wood, metal, vinyl, natural fibers, synthetic fibers etc. Our trained technicians decide on the best cleaning option for your particle fabric from our range of options. The decision will be based on factors, such as color fastness, fabric type, sun exposure, etc. Upon scheduling a service, one of our representatives will come to your property and carefully remove all your window furnishings and deliver them to our private facility for cleaning.

Tile is an extremely hard-wearing, long-lasting flooring choice, but with extremely porous grout and unglazed tile or natural stone, spills, dirt, and other particles can easily cause major discoloration. New York Carpet Cleaning offers a premier cleaning service for tile and grout restoration and renewal. Our highly trained technicians and cutting-edge restoration equipment will have your old, worn, and stained tile and grout looking shiny and new again in only a matter of minutes. Grout is notoriously difficult to clean.

UCM Cleaning Services is aware that water and flood damage are unexpected catastrophes that require immediate attention. New York Carpet Cleaning has created a special department with an emergency team available to you as soon as a catastrophe (small or large) strikes. Our cleaning techs are prepared to come to your assistance during this terrible experience immediately, no matter if you have had a light sink overflow or serious flood damage. We use sophisticated equipment and expertise to guarantee the highest level of cleaning performance and protection for your property and furnishings.

New York Carpet Cleaning knows that your oriental rugs and area rugs were purchased as much for their value as their beauty and originality. Indeed, handmade antique rugs represent a large investment in works of art and history. Very often these investments increase in value over time and become priceless possessions. The best way to protect your investment is to make sure it gets the kind of cleaning care that is both individualized and sensitive to the various natural fibers your rug is made of.

Don't you wish that you could have a yard in which leaves just never pile up? New York Carpet Cleaning can't prevent the leaves from falling, but we can take the burden of their removal off your hands. With our team, you get to enjoy your residential or commercial premise's environment without any effort at all.

Many times lease agreements stipulate professional cleaning upon lease completion. Anyone who has lived in rental properties before knows that it seems like no matter how much scrubbing you do, it's never enough to get your whole deposit back. When you're getting ready to move, packing up your things and making arraignments, do you really want to deal with cleaning the kitchen sink or removing scuffs off the wall? Ensure getting your whole deposit back by delegating the cleaning tasks to the experts at New York Carpet Cleaning.

Kids, pets, and abrasive dust particles are especially harsh on upholstery fabrics. With so many different upholstering materials, from genuine leather to natural fibers, vinyl and polyesters, a professional cleaner should have a variety of cleaning methods and equipment available at their disposal. New York Carpet Cleaning technicians will not only bring your dull and worn out upholstery back to life, we're also known to recommend appropriate cleaning and maintenance methods for in between cleans.

Your carpets represent investments in value, beauty and design, and they deserve expert maintenance treatment for long-term usage. However, hundreds of thousands of homes have carpets with high concentrations of dust and mite allergen substances dangerous for many allergy and asthma sufferers. Don't fret. This problem is not unique and is totally solvable. While regular vacuuming using a domestic vacuum cleaner is helpful, even the best vacuum cleaners can only remove a fraction of the dust, dirt, pet waste, mites, and other allergens in your carpet.

Most modern businesses and malls are located in pleasant surroundings and awnings and canopies simply blend in esthetically. Now UCM Cleaning Services knows that no matter what the motivation was for installing awnings and canopies, purely commercial or attractiveness, you still want them to look their best. Like everything else in these modern times, your awnings pose a complex problem. There are many kinds of fabric with varying chemical and physical properties that can be used to manufacture awnings.

Fires to your personal space create dread, anger, and despair. We know that you'll be in no position to deal with the actual physical recovery of your belongings, that's why New York Carpet Cleaning has our very own fire restoration emergency serviced offered 24/7. Our technicians understand your need to salvage as much of your property as possible. We use time-tested techniques to get to restoring your life and premises as much as possible. Much of the material found in furniture, flooring, and appliances is synthetic.

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