We are a certified firm through the IICRC, who's seal of approval is shorthand for "expert", so to say. Our technicians receive consistent training that is rigid and relevant to our industry's standards. We are fully-insured through Kurt Teller - State Farm. Our employees integrity and steadiness is the backbone to our success. They are uniformed professionals we count on every day to set the bar by providing thorough cleaning services. Qualified employees are the reason we can guarantee our services.

Burg's Custom Cleaning is proud to be the premier company to thousands of customers for their professional cleaning and restoration needs. Since 1988, when Burg's first began out of our home, we have consistently built upon our customer base through quality workmanship and superior customer service. Now headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan on Utica Road, we serve both residential and commercial sectors, providing carpet, upholstery, tile & grout, leather, wood floor, and janitorial cleaning as well as water damage restoration services.

Seeing built-up old stains and smelling foul sitting odors can drive some crazy! Studies show that those who live in a clean and neat environment tend to feel better and more relaxed. An important part of maintaining this good mood will always be a clean sofa, loveseat, or that favorite chair. Your furniture is your haven for much-deserved relaxation. Don't let it become burdensome because of dander and smelly odors! Bad odors are a bad sign of microscopic organisms and fugus, which develops in the corners of your sofa, etc.

We understand the gravity of an unexpected loss to your property. Our disaster response team will immediately begin to allieviate the situation with a call to our office, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our crews start with a visual inspection of the damage. After water removal, we utilize moisture meters to aid in our overall assessment and the proper equipment will be delivered. While hidden water damage in your home or business cannot be easily detected without professional assistance, there are certain signs of water damage beyond water pouring in from a rain event or a broken pipe.

You want your customers to appreciate sitting down on a sofa or chair in your facility. At the very least, you don't want them to consider not doing so because your couch looks dirty and uncomfortable. Our hot steam extraction would help you hold your furniture attractive to the informal eye. While we will properly cleanse, delivering vibrant results, it's not just the look and feel of their carpet and upholstery that lead our customers to call us. Burg's Custom Cleaning has the technology and expertise to effectively remove bacteria and allergens that can be harmful to your health.

Ditch the broom and mop and allow Burg's Custom Cleaning to professionally clean your hardwood flooring. We utilizeanall-in-onemachine that features acustom brushandhigh powered vacuumtoscrubandextractsoils, dander, and dust from wood floor surfaces whileleaving the floor dry. When you factor in the cost of materials with the time it takes to provide maintenance cleanings, the results will never be as good as what Burg's Custom Cleaning can provide. Our system intakes the loosened dirt and debris into a waste tank rather than spreading and embedding it into the pores of the wood.

Ditch the broom and mop and allow Burg's Custom Cleaning to professionally clean your hardwood flooring. We utilize an all-in-one machine that features a custom brush and high powered vacuum to scrub and extract soils, dander, and dust from wood floor surfaces while leaving the floor dry. Let Burg's help you maintain the beauty of your hardwood flooring. By making regular maintenance a top priority, you have the advantage of preserving the finished flooring, which makes a significant impact on your home value.

Fabric upholstery and leather alike take on the same dirt and other contaminants with regular use! Although unlike upholstered furniture, leather faces the loss of moisture and softness over time. Retail leather cleaning products may provide immediate relief when cleaning, but can also cause long-term damage. That is precisely why Burg's Custom Cleaning employs trained leather cleaning specialists to give our customers the professional care they need for their leather furniture. After the day is done, you clean your face to cleanse your pores of their impurities.

Your home is essentially an extension of you and your family. While many strive to keep up with their investment, everyday wear and tear will occur on your home's floors and furniture. Burg's Custom Cleaning can help you extend the life of your carpet allowing your investment to go even further. Clean carpet is the foundation of a cozy, comfortable and stylish home decor. A room free of spots and stains is always pleasing. Our technicians are trained to treat and remove dirty spots, even those that may have been caused by pets.

Tile is manufactured with a special surface glaze that intensifies their individual beauty while preventing dirt and other foreign matter from being embedded causing it to look and feel dirty. Regular cleaning can significantly extend the life and appeal of your tile and grout. Let Burg's help you maintain the beauty of your tile and grout. By making regular maintenance a top priority, you have the advantage of preserving the finished flooring, which makes a significant impact on your home value.

Maintaining clean carpeting in your facility is a fundamental aspect to your company's professional image. At times it may seem impossible to keep your carpet clean, especially with varied traffic patterns, and that's where a structured maintenance program comes into play! Imagine a potential client walking through your doors and the first thing they notice is soiled carpeting and an odd odor. Before you even begin to talk business, they may already have a sour taste in their mouth. Allow us to make sure they walk into a clean environment with clean carpeting!

Vince and Brandon cleaned my carpets last week and did a amazing job! It was quite disgusting thanks to my toddlers! They were on time and really professional! I would recommend them and Burg's to anyone. I will be getting my couch cleaned soon too.

I used Burg's Custom Cleaning for the first time today and they did not disappoint! They showed up on time and were extremely professional! I had my living room and 2 pieces of furniture cleaned. I wasn't expecting it to take 3.5 hours but I didn't mind at all because they were diligent about getting every spot that needed extra attention due to pet accidents. They also used a black light on everything to ensure nothing was missed. My 1st floor smells so fresh and clean thanks to them! I would highly recommend Burg's Cleaning.

Burg's were in our home and did a great job cleaning the whole house, moving furniture and getting along the edges for five hours. I was shocked by the invoice when it came because it was so low! Thank you Cathy & Bill for training your staff so well.

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When cleaning carpet, Burg's Custom Cleaning uses a premium water-based odor counteractant that contains proprietary odor eliminators that safely neutralize all malodors!

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Job Description Burg's Custom Cleaning is celebrating over 33 years of growth and are looking for individuals to grow with us. Our company is looking at adding a 7th van to our fleet and we are currently hiring Assistant Carpet Cleaning Technicians, which have the option of being put into an...

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Thanks for the recommendation mom Dee Volkening-bardu cci carpet looks amazing 😍

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Are dirty carpets bringing you down? Burg's Custom Cleaning can help. ☞ Schedule your appointment now!… https://t.co/Xs2LyeGl9D

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