Since 1977, we have helped thousands of business owner and homeowners protect and maintain their investments with our quality floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and water damage restoration services. Referral started as an entrepreneurial adventure out of the back of Ron's El Camino, back when big hair and mustaches were the in thing. His first client? Our team is made up of individuals who are committed to making cheerleaders for the company. That means you will always be treated with respect by knowledgeable and friendly staff.

During heavy thunderstorms, the Referral team may experience heavy workloads for water damage restoration. Since water damage is never planned or scheduled, we do not know when your help will be needed and we realize that you cannot guarantee that you will be available. If you are on our On Call List, we will call you if needed to check and see if you are available at that time. If so great, if not, we understand. If you meet the qualifications aboveand would like to be on our On Call List, please fill out our short online application here.

Generally 10-20 total hours per week. A big plus is that we offer flexible hours to work with your schedule as long as the work is completed. This would be a great side job or second job for additional income. Our 2 - 3 trucks are usually at residential homes cleaning Monday-Friday. This position is flexible as equipment maintenance/clean up can be done Friday night, Saturday or Sunday when the trucks are at the shop. The grounds work could be done on the weekend or during the week. Scheduling of commercial cleaning jobs varies based on the customer's needs but currently, it is usually Sunday night and occasionally Saturday during the day or evenings during the week.

Many fabrics do. The manufacturer does this to limit their liability so they are not responsible if an inexperienced technician ruins a piece of furniture while trying to clean it. The only problem is dry cleaning is not a very effective cleaning method. However Referral's experienced technicians can wet clean various types of fabric and fibers since we use the proper cleaning solutions, do not over wet it, dry it quickly and clean the fabric in the proper direction so way the fabric lays is not disturbed.

No, because 100% of the odor source must be treated which can be a difficult task because of the multiple layers and surfaces that may be the cause of the odor. We have had great success with our cleaning & deodorizing treatment options but the only 100% guaranteed option is replacement of up to everything down to the subfloor ultimately depending on severity. Any carpet/fabric such as wall to wall carpet, wool oriental rugs, sofa cushions & furniture. Hard surfaces such as concrete, drywall or wood can be cleaned and sealed unless it is unsalvageable then it will need to be replaced.

Sometimes grout becomes so badly stained or blotchy, no amount of cleaning will restore them to the desired color. You have 2 options: 1- Remove the old grout by mechanically grinding and removing at least 2/3 of the depth of the grout, then regrouting. This is tedious, dusty work and there is a high chance that the tile will be damaged in the process. 2- Recolor the grout. However we have seen the color begin to wear or chip off over time if the color does not adhere properly to the grout. Ensure the grout is clean and ready for recoloring before using this method.

Since 1977, Referral Cleaning & Restoration Inc. has been a local Fort Wayne, family-owned, high-quality professional cleaning and restoration company. We clean carpet, upholstery, oriental rugs, tile & grout, wood floors, remove pet stains & odor, protect carpet & fabric, provide emergency water damage restoration services and offerfloor care products. These services are performed in residential and commercial settings as well as in our shop. We take pride investing in top of the line equipment, tools and professional training to provide our employees with the capability to give great results to our clients.

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