Did you know: Actually Cleans' exclusive cleaning products coupled with our Aero-Tech Fleet that is the power behind higher extraction rates & temperatures that are compliant with carpet manufacturer warranty standards? Carpet, Rug, Upholstery & Tile Manufacturers prefer their customers use professional carpet cleaners, like Actually Clean of Colorado, to keep their carpet's warranty valid. Let our certified techs make your carpet look like new again. I have had a sick dog in my house and you could tell walking into it.

Actually Clean uses state of the art Extraction carpet cleaning technology. First our A-Team Technician will examine your carpet with a thorough visual inspection making specific notes on high traffic or worn areas that will require special attention. The technician will visually search for spots and heavily soiled locations taking the time to determine which Actually Clean product will be most effective at removing the soil and debris. Actually Clean's A-Team Technician then skillfully injects water at temperatures over 230 degrees Fahrenheit while agitating the carpet fibers.

Did you know: Most professional carpet cleaning companies, manufacturers of private expensive "in-home" use, and even the ironically red colored rental "do-it-yourself" machinery are particularly careful to limit your expectations on their ability to remove red stains. Retail products available off your grocer's shelf, wholesale carpet cleaning supply companies that manufacture cleaning chemicals and cater to van mounted carpet cleaners that can come to your home will attempt the removal of many types of stains; especially pet stains and their odors, yet, not red stains.

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Hi Friends, we are sending you, our clients a Happy Thanksgiving wish and want to remind you that we all have many things to be thankful for! Our thanks to all of our clients who value our relationship and know that in our hearts we appreciate each and every one of you very much! Thank you for...

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Hi Facebook followers! With the holidays just around the corner book a cleaning now to be ready for company. When friends and family arrive you will be glad you had your carpet cleaned and your home smelling fresh!

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***********CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT*********** - *|URL| Dirt Monster Alert!! There have been some intense sightings of… https://t.co/ylvOw7IaKN

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I am very concerned... - https://t.co/o2PV8Z2DYk you considered how your dirt monster is multiplying? Is your carpe… https://t.co/dlC9EkAX18

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Touching base, keeping safe! - https://t.co/pHaEF6aQmX are reaching out, making sure everyone is healthy and safe a… https://t.co/qNz9TJHjhP

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Got dirt? Get Actually Clean and save some moolah! - https://t.co/rodyTOXTua much water it takes to remove 1 ounce… https://t.co/jNzq8ZFbma

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Unsightly Stains? - https://t.co/VCmE5ikzSU you ever had a stain that wouldn’t come out of your carpet? No matter w… https://t.co/wAWSO3cmHV

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Do you have a rental property? - https://t.co/EzpcmTSC2B “If we can NOT get it clean, we won’t even charge you!” Gu… https://t.co/Y7FBBvRjRW

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Allergic to chemicals?!? - https://t.co/N39zuUkAA7 had to turn around and walk back out, due to the heavy chemicals used on the carpet

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The carpet lasted 5 more years!! - https://t.co/fPjL86D4Bt Clean came in and we reassured them they could get at le… https://t.co/xP1omdl4rs

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