We use the newest and latest technology to steam clean your carpet. It begins with a pre-spray chemical that loosens and dissolves any dirt and grime deep within the fibers. And a deodorizer is applied to eliminate odors during the cleaning process. The wand will apply the exact amount of mild detergent, water and heat needed to clean your carpet. The carpet gets raked in order to fluff the fibers and speed up the drying time. When cleaning an area rug, we can clean it in your home if there is an available hard-surface space for it to dry.

Launched in September 2003, Bohannon's Clean Rite, Incorporated is now on hand to take care of your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs in your home or business. Locally owned and operated, based in Williamsville, Illinois, we are now serving Springfield, Lincoln, Decatur and Jacksonville in addition to the surrounding areas. Clean Rite uses the newest and latest technology in carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment. Steam cleaning is the most powerful, long-lasting cleaning process recommended by most carpet manufacturers.

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We’ve got a happy customer who is breathing cleaner air, after having their air ducts cleaned!! This is a fraction of what we pulled out of their vents! Call today for your free estimate!!

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Look at that beautifully cleaned carpet!!

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Ace Sign did an awesome job wrapping our new van! Thanks, Todd you guys rock!!

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Let us show you what the air you’re breathing looks like!! Schedule your free air duct cleaning estimate today!! Mention this post and get $10 off!! Please share with your friends!

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Here’s an example of one happy customer! Does your tile and grout need cleaned, too?!

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