New Again Carpet Cleaning is a SDVOSB (Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business) owned and operated by husband and wife team Jeffrey and Lisa Houghton. They have been serving the Greater Fayetteville and surrounding areas since 2004. New Again Carpet Cleaning, Inc. is concerned about the health and well being of their employees. Our chemicals are earth friendly leaving a healthier environment for our employees and our customers. Our employees are well trained through the Institute or Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) and we have weekly meetings to include safety procedures in compliance with OSHA regulations.

New Again Carpet Cleaning is a full service janitorial company, providing weekly and daily cleaning solutions for offices, buildings, industrial and commercial settings in Fayetteville, NC. We pride ourselves on offering top notch cleaning services, affordable rates and great customer service.

New Again Carpet Cleaning should be used as a measure of maintenance, not just a spot specific cleaning. Your carpet is relatively dirty all the time. From dirt blowing through open windows and doors, to debris tracked in quietly each day by your family. Your carpet becomes dirty in such small increments that you can't truly tell how dirty it is today from yesterday. And the dirtier you allow it to become cuts its life down several years. New Again Carpet Cleaning needs to be used once a year at the very minimum.

New Again Carpet Cleaning Fayetteville offers commercial and residential interior painting services to make your home or office look new again. Our painting experts make sure to properly prepare each surface and carefully select their paints so a uniform coat is applied to every painting surface. New Again Carpet uses only lead free, best quality paint products to ensure safety throughout your home. Do you have children or animals? We ensure that our paints are free of harsh chemicals and low emissions.

What's new?

New Again Carpet Cleaning, Inc. is looking to hire the right candidate. If you have a driver license and reliable transportation and can pass a drug and background check, then feel free to contact us at 910-867-9265.

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Clean fact freebie: over-wetting and over-shampooing your carpet can damage it. Over-wetting could discolor and even shrink your carpet, coming loose from the floor. Over-shampooing could cause build up that will attract more dirt. Avoid this by having New Again come in and clean your carpets. Call today to reserve a spot.

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Why hire a professional you ask? Carpets are the largest filter you have in your home, collecting dust and allergens. Eventually these particles build up and become airborne every time someone walks across the room. Having your carpets cleaned every few months removes the allergens and cleans the air.

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Clean fact freebie: to freshen and brighten your carpet, sprinkle salt on it and let stand for an hour before vacuuming.

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