If you have had the misfortune of having to wait for hours, if not days for your carpet to be dry, It's time to experience what carpet cleaning is supposed to be.

Founded by Mr. Preston Laughinghouse Sr. of Raleigh, NC in 1987, The Carpet Dryclean's headquarters was based in Raleigh, NC and is still owned and operated by the Laughinghouse Family. With a solid work ethic, and believing in his product Mr. Laughinghouse soon brought his sons Preston Jr. and Earl into the family business. Within just a few years together they had built one of the largest, and most successful carpet cleaning company's in the Triangle. Any member of the Laughinghouse Team will gladly explain to you that if you have your carpeting cleaned with the traditional "steam" method and it is not dry by the time your cleaning crew leaves, then there has been germs left behind also a risk of mold growing before the carpet has a chance to dry properly, or worse, the danger of stepping from the wet carpet onto a tiled surface.

What's new?

Did you know that Carpet Dryclean also cleans commercial spaces? Let’s get your office feeling just as clean as your home. Get a FREE onsite estimate by clicking here: http://bit.ly/ 2PBwzCZ

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Inside our home is where our family lives, plays, and grows. As your family gets older, your home will still require the same love and attention. Make sure to give Carpet Dryclean a call to clean, sanitize, and disinfect your carpet, rugs, and upholstery.

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Area rugs are a great way to pull any space together. When those rugs get dirty, let Carpet Dryclean get them clean and ready for use immediately. We use no water so there is no down time. Now that is convenient!

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Our expert technicians can help clean up life’s inevitable messes. Experience the Micro Sponge Difference by calling or going online: http://bit.ly/ 2PBwzCZ

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