Maybe you have noticed you're dusting more often? Maybe the airflow in your home isn't what it used to be. Maybe you're sneezing & wheezing. Maybe there's an odd odor. Any "yes" answer to these thoughts could indicate a need for your air ducts to be cleaned. Our team will help you breathe better and could improve the indoor air quality at your home or office. Plus, clean air ducts save money and lower your utility bills because your furnace and air conditioner work more efficiently. Clothes take too long to dry?

If your area rugs are dirty and desperately need some TLC, be sure to call Bob's Janitorial Service to clean and restore them to their original beauty. Bob's Janitorial Service is the exclusive provider of this odor elimination product that digests and completely consumes odor-causing bacteria.

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Struggling with having too much stuff and unsure how to motivate yourself to start spring cleaning? Clutter has a way of telling our brains that the cleaning isn’t done yet. Decluttering and organizing will help you “declutter” your mind, as well.

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Yesterday, a few members of our staff had the opportunity to lend a helping hand to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northeast Kansas. Not only was it a fun experience for everyone included, but it also really opened our eyes to wanting to do more for our community in the future.

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Bob's Janitorial Service Spring Cleaning Tip #1:

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