As the largest commercial roofing contractor in Atlanta and one of the leading commercial roofing contractors in North America, Whitco is committed to providing exemplary customer service and unequaled workmanship for all clients Whitco partners with. As in many things in life, proactive prevention and maintenance now can save you time and money later. Whitco has the expertise to help you maintain your existing roof, and help you repair or replace your roof when problems arise. I'm grateful we selected Whitco and look forward to our partnership continuing for years to come.

Whitco's mission is to provide exemplary customer service and unrivaled workmanship for all of its commercial and industrial roofing clients throughout North America. The firm works with clients' ideas from the ground up to develop a lasting relationship, and a long-term roof asset management plan specific to each client. Whitco's complete range of services include consultations, installation, preventive maintenance, repairs and more. The company's founder Grant Whitney started Whitco Roofing after working as an industry-recognized roof consultant on roofing projects for large corporations, the federal government, and municipalities.

As accredited Green Roof Professionals, Whitco is dedicated to helping clients find green solutions for a variety of roofing projects. Whitco works with clients to determine the best fit for you and your structure, while meeting your budgetary, financial, and sustainability targets. Whitco assesses a variety of factors, including building footprint, climate, budget, projected energy use, and business goals to make recommendations tailored specifically for your project. Whitco knows your choice will have a lasting impact, so Whitco uses its expertise to guide you in making the right choice for your business.

When considering the appropriate design for your project's roof, skylights can provide enhanced natural lighting and help reduce energy costs. Lighting accounts for approximately 40 percent of a commercial building's annual energy cost. Skylights have the potential to reduce these costs by decreasing the amount of traditional lighting needed to keep a commercial building illuminated. Roof skylights offer additional benefits by bringing natural light into an enclosed space. Studies have shown that using skylights can increase sales in retail stores, improve student learning in schools, and enhance worker performance and occupant health.

Whitco Roofing is a licensed, insured, and bonded expert in commercial roofing, industrial roofing, and institutional roofing needs of new and existing structures. Whitco works with any type of roof system, and brings expertise and high-quality workmanship to every project. With Whitco, clients can expect unparalleled service. The company's robust resources and infrastructure, along with tools like Whitcommand, an exclusive online portal for clients, allows Whitco to service each account like it's Whitco's only account.

Installing a rooftop garden has many benefits, even beyond those of a typical green roof system. Like a green roof system, a roof garden improves energy efficiency. But adding this feature to a building project has a range of other commercial and social benefits. A well-designed roof garden will attract attention to your project, and that differentiation can be a major boost for a company's financial success. Roof gardens generate buzz, add curb appeal, and have the potential to turn a building into an instant landmark.

If you are looking to improve energy efficiency, restore your roof, or add rustproofing or waterproofing, you may want to consider a professional roof coating. For energy efficiency, reflective roof coatings provide the best results. Reflective coatings reflect the sun's UV rays and infrared radiation, which reduces absorbed heat and increases the life of the roof. Reflective roof coatings can significantly reduce summertime cooling costs and interior temperatures - especially for flat roofs or low-sloped buildings with certain types of air conditioning.

The cost of heating and cooling a building is often the largest of the "hidden costs" associated with your roofing system. To help save clients from these hidden costs, Whitco recommends basing decisions on maximizing the performance quality of the roof system. This provides significant benefits and a reduction in operating costs. When projects prioritize low initial costs, it can lead to a significant increase in operating costs over time. The result is higher energy and maintenance costs, and a shorter operating life of your roof.

I'm grateful we selected Whitco and look forward to our partnership continuing for years to come. They stand by their work, their word and commitment to ensuring superior customer experience and 100% satisfaction without hesitation. I wanted to let you know that our company just put a new roof on the building we just bought at1828 West Oak Parkway, Marietta, and not only did you work with and around our contractors successfully during the build out, you finished the job exactly when you said you would.

Whitco Roofing is an industry leader in commercial roofing, offering exemplary customer service and unrivaled workmanship for commercial and industrial roofing clients throughout North America. The Whitco team includes a wide range of inspectors, foremen, superintendents, drivers, project coordinators, regional managers, sheet metal professionals, production managers, account executives, accounting personnel, administrative personnel, roofers, service technicians and safety experts who help us achieve the very best experience for clients.

Since founding Whitco Roofing, Inc., Grant has made it a priority to redefine what customers expect from a commercial roofing firm. Over the past decade, Grant has grown the organization from a regional commercial roofing company into an award-winning national firm dedicated to unrivaled workmanship and unparalleled customer service. Prior to founding Whitco Roofing, Inc., Grant served as a commercial roof consultant. It was during his time as a consultant that Grant realized the need for a more professional commercial roofing firm.

As commercial roofing specialists, Whitco offers a wide range of metal roofing systems - from structural and architectural standing seam, to trapezoidal panel to R-panel. Whitco provides metal roof repairs, metal roof restoration (roof coatings), metal roof replacement, new installation, preventive maintenance, and energy management solutions to help improve energy efficiency. Unlike most commercial roofing contractors who outsource the fabrication of metal components, Whitco does this in-house, with a full metal shop including state-of-the art machinery, and a dedicated staff of experienced metal fabricators.

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