An eco-friendly cleaning (or "green" cleaning) is different from a regular cleaning in many ways. The main one being a green cleaning experience is considerably better for the environment, the health of you and your family and for your pets. Our products do not contain any toxic chemicals and allow for a green, allergen-free cleaning experience. We use high quality, durable supplies such as microfiber cloths and 4 stage HEPA filtration vacuums that reduce the amount of waste in a landfill as well as allergens in the home.

There's one thing you can be sure of: ecomaids has your apartment cleaning needs covered. Our goal is simple, allow you to take time to do more of the things in life that you enjoy and leave the apartment cleaning to us! With our 64-Point Checklist you receive a comprehensive guide to what you will expect to receive during every ecomaids cleaning visit. As always, you can rest assured that only green, non-toxic, allergen-free products and cleaning methods will be used to clean your apartment. Our apartment cleanings are customized to your specific cleaning needs and we are always looking for ways go above and beyond to make sure you have a great experience with your ecomaids cleaning team.

How your office or retail space looks says a lot about you. Having a trusted partner to provide a full spectrum of cleaning services customized to your needs allows you to focus on your business, while we keep it spotlessly clean in the greenest way possible. Heavy metals, dyes, suspected carcinogens and chlorine mutagens belong in a lab, not on the work surfaces of your office or retail space. Check your labels, none of these are uncommon in regular commercial cleaning products. At, ecomaids we always adhere to the highest professional green cleaning standards.

Moving can be a busy time for most people. Regardless of why someone is moving, purchasing a new home, moving into a new apartment or are saying goodbye to the home you've lived in for years, one thing is usually the same. The place you called or will call home will need a good cleaning before moving forward. During moving, cleaning can sometimes feel like an added burden. That's why ecomaids Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Service is designed to take care of your home cleaning needs while giving you the opportunity to focus on the more personalized details of your move.

As a homeowner we know you're probably very particular about how your house is cleaned - and you should be! There's something uniquely calming and satisfying about stepping into a home that is freshly cleaned. That feeling is even better when you know that your entire home has been cleaned using the most natural and greenest cleaning products available. Did you know that we also offer Residential Disinfecting Service? Residential fogging dramatically reduces the number of pathogens both on surfaces, on textiles, and even in the air.

Even a frequently cleaned home can benefit greatly from a professional deep clean. Usually, there are too many places around the home that require attention to clean them regularly. This often results in an accumulation of dust, grease and other build-up around the home, especially in areas that are cleaned less frequently. Our Deep Clean Service option is an upgrade from our normal initial or recurring service visit option. The main difference received from upgrading to the Deep Clean Service option is the cleaning of the interior of items around the home, such as cabinet interiors, inside the oven and refrigerator.

This service is a pre-cleaning service option offered by ecomaids tailored to meet specific everyday cleaning needs that you have. Housekeeping Services can be added to any cleaning visit and is based on a per room basis, for most of our locations, so that you can pick and choose what areas around the home that you would like to have help with. To learn more about our cleaning packages checkout the cleaning services offered by ecomaids, such as our house cleaning service and our deep cleaning service.

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"I have started using Ecomaids on a monthly recurring basis and they're doing a fantastic job. Scheduling, billing, and the cleaners are all very professional. The house just sparkles after they are done. They do a wonderful job." - Trica S.

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Did you know that our product is EPA Certified for use against COVID-19? We are ready to tackle the dirt, so that you don't have to! Call ecomaids today!

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