Hi, we are Jay & Debbie Cole, and it is our goal as a cleaning company to provide the best possible service that we can. Our greatest compliment is when a customer refers us to a friend, and this happens a LOT. We are not salespeople, or a franchise, we are just a company trying to provide a great service at a reasonable price to our customers. We like to develop friends, not just customers. From the moment he entered our Bahama home on Friday, and sank to his knees to hug our two dogs, through his thoroughly professional and efficient cleaning, while my 8-year-old did her best to get in the way (which was fine as long as Elizabeth made sure to not touch the skinny snake!), to his leaving us, Alex was a perfect guest.

We use a specially designed low moisture system to clean your upholstery. With the special cleaning solutions and techniques that we use, we are able to create great results, as the picture above shows, without soaking your furniture. This process results in very fast drying times. We do also provide a dry cleaning process for materials that can not be wet cleaned.

To begin with, not all Oriental & Specialty Rugs can be cleaned the same way. Before any cleaning process is started, an evaluation is done of the rug to determine, which cleaning method should be used, and also to inspect for any problems that the rug may have. The #1 problem that rugs have is that they are full of dirt, and dust that gets caught in the construction of the rug, and can not be removed with a vacuum cleaner. We use a special dedusting process, that removes the dry particles such as dirt, dust, dander, dust mites, etc., from the rug, before the cleaning begins.

Our Method of Cleaning is the only method that is recommended by Shaw Industries, who is the considered, the #1 manufacturer of Carpet in the United States. We use very powerful carpet cleaning equipment, which is designed to clean you carpets thoroughly, and provide a very fast drying time. With this method all the dirt, dust bacteria, etc., is removed from your carpets, and home, and taken out to our truck. Your carpets are sanitized the natural way, with very hot water (200+ degrees), not with hazardous disinfectant sprays.

Ever since the day that we started Triangle Carpet Cleaners in 1982, Debbie and I have worked as hard as we can to make sure that our customers are satisfied. So many companies these days will not take care of their customers. All they want to do is get the money and run. Now I will be honest with you, we have not been able to make everyone of our customers happy, but it was not because we did not try. We ask our customers to call us if they have a question or problem, because our customers are our best quality control.

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