We show up when we say we will, keep you informed along the way, and deliver great results. Turn to the experienced professionals of Big Fish Cleaning & Restoration for all of your carpet cleaning, water restoration, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and junk removal needs in Fargo, West Fargo, and Moorhead. Homeowners, property managers, office owners, hotels, restaurants, real estate agents and companies, as well as apartment or other residential occupants can all use any or all of the services that we offer.

Many people are unaware of their need for regularair duct cleaning and servicing. Unknown to them is a breeding ground for germs, pollen, dust and dander, and even insects and rodents right there in their heating and cooling ducts. This can lead to much more than just poor air flow. It can result in respiratory conditions from breathing in too much debris, as well as creating a pest control situation if it becomes a haven for bugs or other small critters. This is where having the experienced professionals here at Big Fish Cleaning & Restoration provide an air duct cleaning in Fargo can be of tremendous benefit to you and your home.

A lot of people have no idea how important it is to make sure that their dryer vents are properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. A frequent duct cleaning is not only a good way to make sure that your dryer continues functioning efficiently, it is also necessary to reduce the risks associated with a clogged vent such as having to replace the heating element in the dryer or even possibly a fire. A frequent dryer vent cleaning in Fargo can take care of these issues. Call us here at Big Fish Cleaning & Restoration today and let us help make sure your dryer is clean and safe.

There are any number of reasons that a person might need emergency services forwater damage mitigation and restoration in Fargo and Moorheadfrom a company like Big Fish Cleaning & Restoration. We are always standing by to rush to the aid of our local friends to help them take care of this urgent issue, as well as save many of their most beloved and cherished items from damage. Whether it is a less threatening occurrence such as a small area in the kitchen or a major disaster in an upstairs bathroom, we will be there no matter what type of water damage services you require.

It can be very easy for various types of junk and debris to build up over the course of time. You go to a few garage sales, you keep things around even though you really don't have any need for them anymore, and you intend to fix up that old piece of furniture or buy the parts to repair that outdoor freezer and you just never get around to it. This is where the crew here at Big Fish Cleaning & Restoration can perform a junk pick up to help clear your space out and get you a little more room. We come across all kinds of interesting junk and scrap on our removal projects.

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