We do the best possible job guaranteed. Our process is recommended by Shaw Industries, the world's largest manufacturer of carpeting. We remove spots and stains, even if a stain has been there for a long time and you think it is permanent we may be able to remove it. If you want your home to be more dust free and have a healthier environment for your family, we highly recommend that you have your air ducts cleaned on a regular schedule along with your carpet cleaning. Area rugs, particularly oriental and Persian rugs can be valuable investments and have heirloom quality lifespans if properly cared for.

You probably don't spend much time thinking about your air ducts. But did you know that improperly maintained air ducts can increase dust and indoor pollutants, and even make your family sick? Let Mammoth Cleaning take care of your ventilation system with experienced, professional cleaning! You don't necessarily need to replace your ventilation system to improve your home's air quality. Mammoth Cleaners will rejuvenate your air ducts with a state-of-the-art rotobrush machine, loosening and vacuuming up dust, dirt, airborne allergens, and anything else that's settled in your air ducts.

Tile and grout cleaning can be intimidating. Over time, grout gets discolored by dirt and grime that regular mopping and over-the-counter cleaners just won't fix. Mammoth Cleaning offers complete tile and grout cleaning throughout the Seattle, WA, and Snohomish County, North King County, and the Eastside. Our state-of-the-art service will extend the life of your tile, grout, and natural stone flooring-making them look their very best! In order to keep your tile and grout looking good, you need professional cleaning services from Mammoth Cleaners!

People think of carpet cleaning in terms of spills, accidents, and occasional messes. Over time, however, carpets can collect dust, allergens, dirt, and more that vacuuming will miss. That's why you need Mammoth Cleaners. Mammoth Cleaners will make sure your carpeting remains clean and hygienic with regularly scheduled cleanings. By using the safest possible cleaning solutions and chemicals, we've established ourselves as the cleaners of choice for homes and restaurants throughout Seattle, WA, and Snohomish County, North King County, and the Eastside.

Stains, age, and regular wear-and-tear can leave your furniture looking dingy. Mammoth Cleaners can clean your upholstery and make dirty furniture look like new! Our expert upholstery cleaners are trained to handle all types of fabrics and are up-to-date on the latest cleaning techniques. We handle upholstery cleaning throughout the Seattle, WA, and Snohomish County, North King County, and the Eastside. If your stains can be removed, we can remove them! Stains and dirt in your car, the seats of your truck, or the upholstery on your boat's seats?

Water emergencies can happen at any time. Unexpected flooding, pipes bursting or breaking, and unusual leaks can disrupt your life in tremendous ways. Mammoth Cleaning can help put your life back on track with water damage restoration for carpets, walls, furniture, and more! We offer 24/7 emergency service. No matter when you call, we'll be there to help you. Our goal is to do more than just restore your property; we want to be the reassuring voice that makes your crisis just a little easier to handle.

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