Do you need help with your appliance repair in Naples? Don't worry! Appliance Doctor, Inc. is here to help you with your repair needs! Residents of Lee and Collier Counties know that the same day service guarantee by Appliance Doctor Inc. is something they can count on when their appliances become sick and they need help. Appliance Doctor Inc. has been pleased to serve valued customers in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Estero and allSouthwest Florida since 1993, for all major name brand appliances.

Water not leaving the sink quickly when running the garbage disposal is one of the frequent calls we get at our Appliance Doctor Inc. service centers in Estero / Bonita Springs, Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, East Naples, Golden Gate and Marco Island. Other problems frequently reported are strong odors coming from the disposal, strange noises when in use, food being left at the disposal well after it had been run and leakage from the disposal. The Appliance Doctor Inc. garbage disposal repair technicians understand these repairs are not usually a pleasant task, but will diagnose and treat these issues with the same expediency, courtesy and quality workmanship every time.

Since the invention of John W. Hamme's first garbage disposal unit in 1927, the American people's way of disposing of their household food waste, scraps or garbage has changed over time and garbage disposal has become an essential part of every American household. Garbage disposal is an electronic device placed under a kitchen sink between. We invest in things that make our life easier than ever. Even if it cost us a few dollars, amount always justifies the quality and its purpose in our daily living that is why we were fond of investing our earnings on machines.

When your washer is not performing up to your expectations, it is time to call the Doctor - Appliance Doctor Inc. Our talented washer repair team can diagnose any complication and take care of your repairs with the expertise for which they are known. We understand that washer malfunctions create a significant inconvenience in your daily lives, and will provide high quality and prompt repair work the same day you call. You don't have to be inconvenienced for long! Common problems include complaints of lack of efficient spinning at the end of the cycle, or the washer isn't getting enough hot water, or the loads of laundry in either the washer often become unbalanced.

When we are used to the convenience and sanitary advantages of a dishwasher, it is not acceptable to be back to hand washing dishes! Calling the Doctor should be your first thought! We can go years without having any dishwasher repair needs, but when they happen, they are never welcome, and fixes elusive. Whether it's a leakage, electrical or other problem, the repair can be complex and difficult to achieve if you are trying to do it yourself. Common dishwasher repair problems are water collected at the bottom of the dishwasher, dishwasher cycling and stopping mid-cycle, racks not washing equally well, the lights going on, but the cycle not starting, etc.

Refrigerator repair can be one of the most complex repairs, as more than one component can be at fault. Most owners find they can throw a refrigerator manual out the window, when trying to find the problem. It could also be more than one problem. Residents of Lee and Collier counties are quick to call their local Appliance Doctor Inc. number in order to have an experienced, licensed and insured technician out the same day to fix their refrigerator promptly. What could possibly be wrong?! We can repair anything from ice build-up, to water leaking, to no cooling at all or loud, scary noises coming from your refrigerator.

In Naples, we have grown custom to convenience. Busy lifestyles, and schedules make for using the Microwave over and over. Even bringing home a favorite dish from the restaurants or country club may need to be heated up for lunch. When it comes to taking care of this appliance, the following microwave repair tips can. As more Americans are changing their eating lifestyle by having meals in their homes, and so is the use of microwaves. Microwave usage is indispensable such as in using boiling water or reheating a cup of coffee to cooking full meals!

More than 90% of homes in this country have microwaves, making their importance and good working order obviously important to our customers. We have come to rely on our microwaves for everything from boiling water or re-heating a cup of coffee to cooking full meals! Microwave repair of most major brand name microwaves can be handled quickly by the Appliance Doctor Inc. microwave repair experts, who will be out the same day you call to evaluate the problem. Repairs should not be ignored, as faulty microwaves can also be dangerous, and a potential fire hazard.

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