Dupuis Oil is a full service oil company providing the residents of Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts with quality energy products and services for over 120 years. In addition to reliable heating oil delivery and service, we have expanded our offerings through Dupuis Energy to include propane delivery and service, natural gas service, and air conditioning service. Established in 1898, we are now into our fourth generation of management. The Dupuis Family has been so successful because of our main objective: providing our customers with the absolute best in products and services.

Offering more than 120 years of reliable heating oil delivery and service throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. We have expanded to provide more energy options to our community. We now also offer propane delivery, propane system service, natural gas system service, and air conditioning service. We supply and install top of the line, energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment for your year-round home comfort. Trust Dupuis Energy for all of your heating and cooling need. Contact us to schedule an appointment!

At Dupuis Heating and Oil, we've staked our reputation on keeping people warm no matter how harsh the frigid winters of New England get. What you may not know, however, is that we've also made a name for ourselves as experts when it comes to helping Massachusetts and Rhode Island survive the sweltering summers. We're proud to carry on our tradition of great heating products and services in the realm of air conditioning. From repairs and emergency service calls to installations and routine maintenance, we make it easier to stay cool and comfortable.

Regular maintenance can keep your natural gas equipment running at peak efficiency, which extends your system's life span and helps you save on heating costs. Schedule a tune-up or inspection today, and learn how our natural gas service can help you optimize your home heating system. Contact us online or call 401-722-0080 for more information. Extend the lifespan of your natural gas heating system simply by scheduling your tune-up and safety check each year. We service all types of natural gas equipment and our annual tune-up will keep your system running at peak efficiency, reducing your heating costs and improving your home comfort!

Dupuis Oil offers the most comprehensive oil tank maintenance plans in the industry and at reasonable rates. A Maintenance Plan designed for the customer who burns less than 500 gallons of fuel oil per year. Our technicians will conduct a safety inspection of your heating system based on manufacturer's recommendations and industry best practice. The annual tune-up will keep your system running efficiently which saves on fuel usage and extends the life of your equipment. Replacement or repair of the following parts (labor included) will be covered at NO cost to you.

Our natural gas customers like the fact that we are local and available. Dupuis Energy is your local service provider and this can make a significant difference - particularly if you need emergency repairs. We service the spectrum of gas heating units and our annual tune-up will help assure that your system is operating at peak efficiency. This also means that filters, critical to clean indoor air quality, are replaced and maintained each year. A properly maintained gas system can also increase the life span of the equipment and can keep energy usage as low as possible.

My experience with Dupuis is that they are phenomenal! Always show up when called and readily answer all my questions! Our oil and propane tanks.

We had Oil Central for many years years and when Dupuis bought them we were a little worried, but I have to say they are just as good amd treat us like we've known each other for many years. I think there great.

This company is wonderful. We've had them for almost 30 years and never a complaint. Today woke up to oil smell and they were here within 1/2 hour.

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Raining in Rhode Island this back-to-school Monday Morning!

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