At Sharp, we're very passionate about environmental conservation. Our environmentally friendly LCD television manufacturing facility in Kameyama, Japan, features one of the world's largest roof-mounted solar systems. Our appliances and business products are among the industry's most energy efficient. We've long been a world leader in solar cell production. Furthermore, all Sharp factories are working to eliminate waste and greenhouse gases, and achieve other environmental targets in 21 key areas.

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Posted on Mar 05, 2021  •  Twitter

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Posted on Mar 05, 2021  •  Twitter

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Savings for your smart kitchen? Say less! Right now at @DealNews you can get $10 off and free shipping for a Sharp…

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March is #NationalNutritionMonth - we can't miss an opportunity to teach you about the benefits of superheated stea…

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Are you a peanut butter lover? Then today is your day to break out the jar and celebrate! There are so many ways to…

Posted on Mar 01, 2021  •  Twitter

Our new #smart countertop #microwave oven is the perfect addition to your #modernhome with a sleek stainless steel…

Posted on Mar 01, 2021  •  Twitter

Steam cooking isn't just efficient, it retains flavor and nutrients not available with dry heat! Check out that and…

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Since when is gingerbread only allowed during the holidays? If it tastes good, then it belongs on the menu year-rou…

Posted on Feb 25, 2021  •  Twitter

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