Located in Perry Hall Maryland, our service areas include Northeast Baltimore, Baltimore County and Harford County. We offer a wide variety of services in Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning!

Call the experts at Hamilton Plumbing and Heating Co and schedule an appointment to have us come test your water pressure and diagnose the problems as to why your water pressure is low! There are many reasons why your water pressure could be low, from old galvanized water piping coming into your house, and running through your house feeding all of your fixtures. To updated copper or cpvc water piping that is undersized. We don't cut corners when replacing piping, we make sure all fixtures are supplied with the sufficient size piping required for the best operation.

Any problems you're having with your toilet, we can fix! Here at Hamilton Plumbing and Heating Co we are experts on all types and brands of toilets. If you're having a problem with your toilet, we've seen it and fixed it! Are you noticing water spots on the ceiling underneath you're toilet? Your toilet flange may be cracked and leaking waste water into your ceiling. Is your toilet leaking where the water line connects? Where the tank meets the bowl? or are you noticing water on the floor around the base of your toilet?

We can help! Here at Hamilton Plumbing and Heating Co we can replace your existing pump with a brand new submergable pump. We offer different brands and options, specializing in Liberty pumps. Call us and have us come out and inspect your current sump pump and ensure that it is operating correctly! A little money spent now could save you thousands in potential damage done if you're sump pump is not functioning the way it should. One being a battery backup which uses a large battery (Marine type car battery) to power a separate pump that will keep your basement dry in the event of a power outage.

We offer a variety of different garbage disposals but specialize in the Badger 5 InSinkErator. It is a great disposal, has lots of power and is quiet. They also last longer then most standard garbage disposals, so you won't need to replace it as often. Saving you money in the long run. Some brands of garbage disposals are louder then others right out of the box. Sometimes putting something to hard, or dropping a utensil into the drain while the garbage disposal is running can cause it to bend one of the blades inside making it much louder then it should be.

Call the experts here at Hamilton Plumbing and Heating Co. and we can help get your hot water back TODAY! We are experts in all brands and types of water heaters. From State, A.O. Smith, Bradford White, GE, Etc. If you have it, we've seen it, installed it or serviced it. Gas or Electric, Tank Type or Instantaneous. We also can offer you new energy effecient models to save you $$$ on your Gas and Electric Bill! Did you know that the average life expectancy of a standard water heater is around 7-8 years?

Call the experts here at Hamilton Plumbing and Heating Co. We can come out and diagnose the problem. It could be something as simple as needing a washer replaced, and the screw in the handle tightened. However, the faucet itself could be worn out or cracked and need to be replaced. We offer a wide variety of different faucets, anywhere from a standard/ traditional look to touch activated/ modern looking faucets. We offer many different brands from Moen, Delta, Kohler etc. We will also install your faucet.

Here at Hamilton Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning we are professional drain cleaners. We have the latest equipment from drain snakes, jetters, flex shaft machines and drain inspection cameras to allow for thorough drain cleaning/pipe inspection. We are able to do simple unclogs all the way to descaling, grease flushing and root cutting/cleaning. Our drain inspection methods include the latest technology. Our cameras have HDR which allow us to thoroughly inspect your pipe and record the findings.

Does your house still have a boiler supplying hot water for heating to baseboards or radiators? Not to worry, the experts here at Hamilton Plumbing and Heating Co have been servicing and replacing boilers since we opened our doors in 1978! We offer service and replacement on all types of hot water gas boilers and many steam boilers. Offering many major brands for replacement such as Burnham and Weil-Mclain. Many people do not know it, but cast iron radiators are one of the most efficient forms of heat.

Vernon was awesome. He came out on a busy Sunday (even though it wasn't an emergency) to take a look at a problem and fixed everything right then and.

Go to guy for both plumbing and heating. Fair, honest, on-time and quick.

Really do good work, explains and walks through everything with you. Did a awesome job getting my heat pump cleaned out and installing an outside.

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Do you know someone or do you still have original galvanized water piping in your house? This shows the rust build up inside of the piping. Every time you use water whether it's to cook, drink, shower or brush your teeth, this is the water you are using. Call today to schedule a free estimate on replacement of your water piping.

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