For over 45 years, R.A. Dobson of Sterling, VA has helped people throughout Northern Virginia address their heating, plumbing and air conditioning needs. Our entry-level employees receive as much training as managers to ensure a quality experience. We are a 2nd generation family run business with decades of experience. With all services, you'll receive a 1 year warranty as we stand behind our work. We also honor all manufacturer warranties and offer the latest in energy efficient heating and air conditioning technology.

It's no fun being cold, but the furnace installation and repair experts from RA Dobson of Sterling, Virginia will warm you up in no time and put a smile back on your face. We honor all manufacturer warranties on our heating systems and back them with a 1-year service warranty of our own. As a family owned business, we are sympathetic to the needs of Northern Virginia families and so we place pride in including many high-efficiency units in the heating options we offer our customers. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all of our installations and repairs are performed by employees that have received manager level training from a company with four decades of experience.

Allergens circulate through your home no matter what time of year it is. At R.A. Dobson of Sterling, VA, we're air cleaner installation and repair experts with four decades of experience in ridding Virginia homes of the pollutants that make you sneeze and disrupt your breathing. Our service technicians and installers receive the same high level of training as our shop managers, so they are more than equipped with the right knowledge to help you choose an air purifier, install it for you, and help you maintain it for years to come.

Northern Virginia homeowners and businesses have put their trust in RA Dobson's water heater installation and repair experts for over four decades. No one likes to stand forever with their hand under the tap hoping against hope that the icy water will heat up. That's why we offer high quality, reliable water heaters. Many of our water heating options are high efficiency so that our customers can enjoy greater savings on utilities. We also provide service through employees that go through the same training as our shop managers because we take pride in the services we perform for the families of Sterling, Virginia.

You and your family rely on efficiently-running, smooth plumbing every single day. You need your plumbing to prepare for your day, unwind at night, and clean and refresh yourself. Between your toilets, pipes, water heater, and everything in between, there are unfortunately several different ways that your plumbing may break, which not only disrupts your daily routine but can lead to costly damage and repairs. Trusting a professional to provide plumbing services in Sterling, VA is crucial to ensure you receive the highest quality work and customer service to get your plumbing back on track.

Increase the efficiency of your home and cooling system while decreasing the amount you spend on utilities by calling thermostat installation and repair experts, RA Dobson of Sterling, Virginia. With smart thermostat settings that can control how your heating and cooling system works even when you're not home, you can save money when you're away and walk into a comfortable home when you return. We are proud of the products we offer and honor all manufacturer warranties and include our own 1-year service warranty on all installations.

Stay comfortable R.A. Dobson's high-quality air conditioner installation and repair services in Sterling, VA. We carry the names you trust to beat the toughest heat spell. As an added bonus, your air conditioning unit will also remove the humidity from your indoor environment for an added degree of comfort. Not sure if you should repair or replace your air conditioner? Well, consider this: if you're operating an inefficient system that breaks down a lot, it's likely that it's going to break down again.

To keep comfortable during the chilly days of winter, you and your family rely on excellent heating systems. If something goes wrong with your heat, however, it can not only cause some freezing interior temperatures but affect you daily routine and add extra stress to your life. How do you know if you should repair or replace your heating system? You may wish to keep repairing your old system in the hopes of saving money or preventing the hassle of shopping for a new model. However, if you keep operating a malfunctioning system, most likely, it'll simply keep breaking.

Air handlers and fan coils increase the effectiveness of your heat pump and its efficiency by regulating and distributing the air throughout your home. RA Dobson of Sterling, VA has installed and repaired air handlers since 1975 and we have the experience and knowledge to help you choose the most efficient - and silent - air handler or fan coil for your HVAC system. We honor all manufacturer warranties and a 1-year warranty on our service so that you feel confident in making RA Dobson your trusted HVAC service and installation partner.

We have used RA Dobson for several years for HVAC and plumbing projects and could not be happier. The technicians are fantastic, always on time and.

We have been so happy with the personalized service we get from RA Dobson. They were recommended to us by a friend who indicated that they might be a.

We love R.A. Dobson! We have used them for years and have never had anything but the best service. They are prompt, efficient, and really know their.

What's new?

At RA Dobson, we provide our services with safety in mind. Our team is Covid prepared so that you don't have to worry! Looking to hire us or learn more? Visit our site or call us today at (703) 481-3700.

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Proud to say we continue to receive 5 Star reviews for providing great service during the past year. If you have questions or concerns about our COVID procedures call us or visit our website. We want to make sure you are comfortable during our service calls. (703) m

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Hiring a professional to repair your thermostat is key to maintaining your home comfort! 🏘 Learn more in our blog about why hiring a professional is important.

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We already have snow in the forecast for this week and predictions for double the snow amounts from last year? Do…

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R.A. Dobson's Customers ... remembering September 11, 2001 today and every day.

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Are you #HurricaneReady? Schedule a sump pump installation or generator today to keep your family cool, dry, and fe…

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