Want to learn a little more about us? Founded in 1948 by Fred Spezza Sr., Mohawk Heating Company was passed down to his son Fred Spezza Jr., and now to his grandson Kris Spezza. Mohawk Heating is an exclusive Lennox dealer featuring the full line of Lennox heating and air conditioning systems for home and business. For over 40 years, Mohawk Heating Co. has also operated Mohawk SANI-VAC Duct Cleaning Service. Mohawk Heating Co.'s new headquarters is located in Duanesburg, NY. and our fleet of radio dispatched trucks and factory-trained technicians are there 24/7 to make sure you get the service you need, when you need it.

Whether your water boiler needs repair or you just need a new lennox boiler, capital region residents can trust the local experts to do the job right the first time. At Mohawk Heating Co. Inc., we can handle any type of repairs for the water boilers in your home. If the water in your home is running cold, we can help you repair your existing water heater or install a brand-new, top-quality replacement lennox boiler. Mohawk Heating Co. offers a complete line of top quality oil-fired or gas-fired water boilers for your home from Lennox, the leader in home heating and cooling.

Mohawk Heating Co. is proud to offer a complete line of boilers, furnaces, hot water heaters, air conditioners and HVAC systems for every residential or commercial need.

If you are in need of furnace repair in Schenectady, New York, Mohawk Heating's expert technicians can help. Upstate New York winters can be cold and that's no fun when your furnace decides to stop working. We've been servicing furnaces and keeping the people of Schenectady warm for over six decades. Schenectady and the surrounding area was first inhabited by Dutch settlers back in the 17th and 18th centuries. Most buildings back then didn't have the modern home heating systems we have today. Fireplaces and wool blankets were probably pretty popular!

Mohawk Heating Co. is proud to be a Lennox air conditioner company in the Capital Region. These central air conditioning units, air conditioning units, and home cooling systems come from the trusted heating and cooling brand, Lennox. Mohawk Heating also also provides ac service, installation and repairs by a qualified service team. We're here to ensure your family's comfort when you need it most. Below are the units Lennox offers as well as their features and benefits to help you choose just the right unit for your home.

Some dealers provide an extra measure of convenience with extended hours, emergency service and year-round maintenance programs. Dealers with a solid reputation are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. They realize that actions speak louder than words. So instead of just talking about quality, they practice it through listening, learning and responding to your needs. Home heating dealers should offer a variety of innovative products and services that make your home more comfortable. They should also be able to provide suggestions for saving money on your utility bills and improving the quality of the air you breathe.

From selection to hot water heater installation, our trained professionals can help you with the perfect water heater for your situation. Here is a quick description of just some of the models we offer. Select the tabs below to review the features, benefits and warranty information of each model hot water heater we offer. Not sure which type of water heater is best for you? No problem. Give us a call and our professional, trained sales and service staff can help you make the right choice. Atmospherically vented Bradford White Defender Safety System water heaters provide class-leading performance and the safety of ScreenLok Technology.

In our efforts to save you money, we will continually post home heating and cooling special offers provided by our distributors and rebates from the National Grid, State and Federal Government and others. Please check in often for updates.

Trust Mohawk Heating Company, Inc. to install your new Lennox oil furnace! We offer a complete line of high efficiency oil furnaces from Lennox, the leader in home heating and cooling. The Dave Lennox Signature collection SLO183V oil furnace has variable speed for superior comfort. This furnace provides a consistent flow of heated air and operates with minimal sound. This furnace has an 83% AUFE rating, enabling you to save hundreds of dollars in utility bills each year. The efficient, variable speed motor on this Lennox oil furnace uses two-thirds less electricity than a standard motor.

With an industry leading AFUE rating of up to 98.2%, the new Lennox SLP98V variable capacity gas furnace delivers the efficiency, quietness, and comfort you and/or your customers want. Installation and service are easy. Like cruise control for home comfort, the SLP98V furnace features exclusive PreciseComfort technology that continually makes seamless adjustments as small as 1%, while improving overall efficiency. See more Lennox Gas Furnace Models below or contact a member of our Sales Team for more information.

If you need furnace repair in Amsterdam, New York, Mohawk Heating's trained professionals are ready to help. Winters in Central and Upstate New York can be harsh. If your furnace decides to stop working you want it fixed ASAP. We've been repairing furnaces in Amsterdam and surrounding areas of Montgomery County for over six decades. According to the official city website, Amsterdam was primarily inhabited by Mohawk and Iroquois Native Americans. The rocky, steep hillsides and land claims from the powerful Johnson family kept the population modest and sparse.

If you need professional air conditioning repair in Albany, Mohawk Heating and our expert technicians can help. We may have harsh winters here in the Capital Region but our summers can get pretty hot. So, when your a/c unit fails, finding a air conditioning repair company becomes a priority. Don't waste time searching around, give Mohawk Heating a call. Much like Mohawk, Albany is known for its rich history. Originally settled by the Dutch in 1614 Albany was used for trading posts. Transportation to and from Albany was ideal with the proximity of the Hudson River, Mohawk River and Erie Canal.

Automatic, periodic inspection, lubricating, adjusting and cleaning of your heating and cooling system keeps it running at peak, trouble-free efficiency. Potential problems are spotted before they cause trouble. A competent, trained, dependable staff of experts looks after your equipment and its performance. We work with you to schedule your service calls when convenient. Ongoing furnace maintenance increases system reliability, but should you need emergency service or a furnace repair, PS entitles you to preferential treatment.

We understand the importance of keeping your family safe and comfortable in the most extreme weather conditions. We provide 24/7 emergency service for those unexpected times when your furnace isn't working or air conditioning needs repair quickly. With Mohawk's planned service agreements you can rest assured that your home heating system is being cleaned and checked regularly. Our service technicians are also available for unplanned maintenance. Whether it's an emergency or you unexpectedly need your furnace or heating system checked we provide furnace repair services to keep your home comfortable.

In most homes today, a clothing dryer is a common appliance used on a regular basis. The vent of a dryer collects debris, fluff and hair that accumulates when the clothing spins around in the machine. It should be emptied after each load, but unfortunately, not everyone makes a habit of doing so. The debris can build up over time and even clog the dryer's vent. Our dryer vent cleaning service can help to prevent a dangerous fire from starting because of a clogged dryer vent. Believe it or not, thousands of home fires each year are started due to the dryer vent.

Heating your home in the winter doesn't have to be costly, cumbersome or a risk to your health. Making your home comfortable is our specialty. Mohawk Heating offers furnace repair services and home furnace installation options with great benefits for your every need. Our heating installers are ready to help you with your heat furnace repairs, hvac cleaning, installation and maintenance. If by chance you need emergency furnace repair, we provide 24 hour emergency service to ensure your family is warm and safe at any time day or night, weekends and holidays!

Interested in conserving energy and saving money? New residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC systems) are designed to provide you with high-efficiency heating, air conditioning and air quality, in one system. In addition to providing heating and cooling comfort, air filtration systems, zoning systems, dehumidifiers and/or humidifiers work to keep your indoor air quality clean, healthy and completely comfortable. Did you know it is possible to save up to hundreds of dollars per year on your utility bills?

If you are in need of high-quality air conditioning repair for your home or business, our expert technicians can help you. At Mohawk Heating we can handle any type of repairs that you need for your heating and cooling system. We have been proudly serving the people of Schenectady and surrounding areas for over six decades, and we're looking forward to working for you! Our quality and affordable HVAC systems repairs and services are performed by our professionally-trained and highly-qualified NATE certified HVAC technicians.

Mohawk Heating provides air conditioning and furnace sales to the entire Capital Region, Albany, Schenectady, Troy and Adirondack regions of New York State. Our dedicated sales team has years of experience and technical knowledge of the HVAC industry. If you're looking to buy a new furnace or air conditioning unit contact us today and let one of our trusted heating and cooling specialists help you make your house more comfortable. Paul has been working in the HVAC industry for over 11 years since he graduated College with an HVAC degree.

Are you a homeowner in the Capital District? Duct cleaning may be just what you need to ensure that your HVAC system is running efficiently, effectively and that the air in your home is clean. At Mohawk Heating, we provide an opportunity for our customers to make an investment in your home and your health. After our courteous and experienced technicians clean your ducts, we know that you will see a noticeable difference in the efficiency of your HVAC. Over time contaminates can start building up more and more in your ductwork.

If you live in the Schenectady region, HVAC installation from Mohawk Heating Co. Inc. is the quality and affordable choice that you have been looking for. If you are ready to purchase a new HVAC system, we have a variety of options that will suit your needs and your budget. We can help you to pick a heater or A/C that can drastically reduce your energy consumption and your monthly bills. There are a number of choices that go into the process of buying a new HVAC system. With over 60 years of experience, our experts can help you to find the perfect heater or A/C for your home.

If you are in need of high-quality air conditioning repair in Saratoga Springs, Mohawk Heating's expert technicians can help. When the summer months hit there's a lot to do in Saratoga. But when you get home from the track or downtown Saratoga you want your home to be nice and cool. That's where Mohawk Heating and their trained air conditioning repair specialists can help. We've been proudly served the people of Saratoga Springs for over six decades, and look forward to working with you! Mohawk Heating offers a complete line of central air conditioning units which our professional installers can set up for you right here in Saratoga Springs, NY.

I would highly recommend choosing a different professional heating organization to deal with. I recently had a Mohawk tech. in my home to look at my oil furnace. I had explained to the tech that my furnace had stopped working, and that I fully believed it was due to the fact that I had recently run out of fuel oil (although the gauge showed 1/4 tank) and that I had attempted, several times (5) after getting the tank filled, to start it again. He checked to see that there was fuel going in and changed the nozzle. He then started the furnace and flames could be seen coming from the door. I immediately shut the furnace down upon his recommendation and he explained that the furnace blast door was "shot" and that I needed a new furnace. He left approximately three minutes later. When we both went upstairs we immediately smell this awful smell both inside and out. I go back into my home and about eight minutes later I feel heat coming from one of the ducts. I check my furnace and find out - IT's ON FIRE. I use a fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. Now I'm certainly no heating repair specialist but I'm fairly certain that leaving a fire in customers furnace when it has been turned off is bad business. The story gets better. I then go upstairs and now there is thick black smoke all throughout my first and second floors. I call another heating specialist who arrives a short time later and explains that this is a classic "puff back" situation and further explains that it is caused by fuel oil which had collected in the combustion chamber, being ignited when the Mohawk tech turned the furnace on. So now its 35 degrees outside, I "think" I have no workable furnace, and now have to open all the windows and doors to air out my house. My insurance company sends an investigator (a few cold days later) to inspect the furnace and determines.drum roll.the furnace is fine and appears to be functioning properly. Just for fun I call Mohawk back for a quote in a new furnace. This past Thursday the sales manager, Erik Dietershagen, comes to my house. I tell him what had happened previously. He says "I'm sorry that happened to you" and proceeds to measure for a new furnace. As of close of business Monday, and fully believing my home has no functioning furnace, I still have yet to get a quote. Thanks for making my decision to never utilize your services again an easy one Mohawk. By the way, I DO recommend Petra Heating and Plumbing-Very responsive, highly knowledgeable, and thoroughly professional.

Never hired them, but one of their guys fixes boilers on the side. He gets all his parts from his day job for free! Amazing!

Unfortunately I needed to replace my AC unit fter 13 years. Mohawk had a great price so I decided to go with them. They put in a compressor and air handler. The guys that came down were friendly and professional. They did such a neat job outside and in the attic. They both worked really hard on a hot day. After about a week the outdoor unit was making some noise but till worked. Mohawk made the hour trip to look at it and said they didn't think it sounded right and scheduled a replacement of the entire unit. Now, it's a quite as can be. You can carry on a conversation right next to the outdoor unit. They went above and beyond. I would never use anyone else again. Thanks Mohawk.

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To make sure that the air conditioning thermostat is correctly reading the temperature inside the house, be sure to keep heat producing appliances and lights - including televisions, standing lamps and hall lights - away from the thermostat.

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While unused rooms should still be air conditioned during hot summer months, some HVAC systems can be programmed to cool different rooms to different temperature settings. So, unused rooms can still be cooled but set to higher temps.

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When searching for the best type of dehumidifier, it is important to choose one with a higher moisture-remova l rate than you think you need. You should also look for Energy-Star-rat ed models, since these can help you save money on electricity.

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Are there areas in your home where you can feel the cold air rushing in during the winter and drafts in the summer? A heating and air-conditionin g expert can inspect and locate cracks or other areas where the outside can come inside.

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A clean outdoor HVAC unit is an efficient unit. To keep the unit clean, wipe the unit down periodically with a damp sponge and let the unit air dry. If the unit is especially dirty, it can be hosed off with a gently spray of water.

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Which direction should ceiling fans be set on during the hot summer months? The forward counter-clockwise setting.... http://t.co/WowBmmELNy

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