J.C. Eisenbrey & Son, LLC is in its 2nd generation, founded in 1969. We offer home and business owners in Milford, Delaware several products and services to create a comfortable, energy efficient environment. We sell, service, and install central air systems, heat pumps, furnaces, boilers, oil burners, and geothermal systems. We always keep our trucks stocked with commonly needed parts to complete your service and fix your problem right away. At least one owner is present at every job. J.C. Eisenbrey & Son LLC is licensed and certified in all our service areas, and we strive to stay ahead of the latest technology to provide the best products on the market.

In addition to heating and air conditioning services, J.C. Eisenbrey & Son offers other home services in Milford, Delaware. We install, repair, and replace burners for oil furnaces and stoves. Many older homes built before the 1950s have oil furnaces and require moderate maintenance. When the burner breaks or refuses to light, you lose all heat to your home. Similarly, oil stove burners also require upkeep so you can continue to heat food properly. If you have stove or furnace that runs on oil, J.C. Eisenbrey & Son has access to the specialty parts and knowledge of these products to make the repairs you need.

We install gas and electric furnaces for homes that need replacement systems, as well as furnaces for newly constructed homes. Our contractors survey new properties to determine which product will best heat the home, based on the age and type of windows and doors, how many levels are in the home, architectural style, and the lifestyle of the inhabitants (whether they are home or away more often). We also offer the latest thermostat technology, with modern options, such as remote access from your Smartphone.

We install all types of air conditioning units for small, large, and multi-family homes. Whether you need to replace a worn, outdated unit, or you are upgrading from window units to central air, J.C. Eisenbrey & Son can install the product you need. Enjoy a cooler, more comfortable home environment with a product that fits your home's architecture and your lifestyle. Complete with the latest technology in thermostats, you can keep your home's temperature a little higher when you're not home through Smartphone application control.

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