Founded in 1959, when HVAC equipment and design were relatively simple, the company has expanded, diversified, and changed, always keeping abreast of the complicated technological advances in the HVAC and security industries. Mason & Barry has never lost sight of our one true endeavor which is to be the leading manufacturer's representative sales firm in the state of West Virginia. Specializing in the sale of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, building automation control, security systems, and computer room support.

Headquartered in Saint Albans, West Virginia, Mason & Barry is the state's leading HVAC factory representative firm. Our company was founded in 1959 and will soon celebrate 55 years of providing quality HVAC equipment, building management systems, security/surveillance systems, and computer room environmental controls to West Virginia's commercial building designers, engineers and proprietors. Additionally our extraordinary service fleet is one of West Virginia's largest and best qualified, representing more than 300 years of hands-on experience.

Mason & Barry works with architects, engineers, contractors and building managers in a variety of industries providing top-quality, innovative systems to meet each facility's needs. Working with school systems and universities, medical facilities and office buildings, as well as numerous public buildings, Mason & Barry's variety of customized solutions for temperature control, ventilation, security and a variety of monitoring solutions have been utilized throughout West Virginia to enhance energy conservation and create comfortable environments for their occupants.

Mason & Barry's air distribution department combines the best equipment available to deliver the best air distribution system available. Mason & Barry also has a full line of Price Displacement Ventilation and Chilled Beam Equipment available that can be customized for your specific needs. Contact us for a free consultation. Our experienced staff will be glad to discuss the best equipment and design for your facility.

Mason & Barry works with the leading suppliers of HVAC and control systems to deliver our customers the perfect solution for their facility. Please complete the following information so that we can better understand your needs.

Daikin Rebel, the only roof top unit to meet new energy savings guidelines of the Federal Department of Energy will generate extraordinary savings for your energy budget. Mason & Barry is proud to partner with the industry leaders in HVAC equipment to deliver top quality, efficent systems for your organzation. Get a full list of our partners. For more than 50 years, Mason & Barry has provided our commercial customers with top-quality mechanical equipment and service. We carry a broad range of HVAC equipment and products engineered and built by the world's leading manufactures in order to satisfy your building environment needs.

Buildings used for office space or supply storage are good candidates for a displacement ventilation system. In this type of system, the cool air spreads throughout the space at floor level and rises as the air warms because of heat sources. Heat may be generated by occupants, computers, lights or other equipment. Once it reaches the ceiling, the warm air leaves the room. Studies have shown that displacement ventilation systems provide superior air quality because it provides only clean air to the space and removes any impurities caused by people or machinery.

A comfortable school, office or business isn't always as simple as adjusting the thermostat, with the complexity of today's technologies, the touch of a master technician is often essential. Whether you need repairs to get your system back on-line, a basic HVAC system inspection or you are simply being proactive and want to avoid costly problems down the road with routine HVAC maintenance, our factory trained service staff is available to you. No matter what type or name brand system you may have our technicians have the knowledge and skills to help you.

For almost 55 years, Mason & Barry has provided quality HVAC equipment, building management systems, security/surveillance systems, and computer room environmental controls to West Virginia's commercial building designers, engineers and proprietors. We also employ factory-trained, experienced staff to maintain and repair your system. Click the products below for more information.

Now you can be proactive about maintaining your buildings HVAC equipment and know its impact on your budget. Mason & Barry, West Virginia's leading HVAC equipment and service company, now offers preventive maintenance contracts. Today, highly qualified technicians are needed to advise, install and maintain your complicated mechanical equipment and our cooperatively developed HVAC maintenance program puts our factory trained technicians at your disposal. More importantly, we will tailor the plan to meet your facility's specific needs helping you reduce untimely and costly mechanical failures that so often plague your budget.

With today's rising energy costs, both large and small businesses are looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Mason & Barry assists consulting engineers, mechanical contractors, and building owners with equipment selection and system applications for HVAC, controls and security systems. By providing efficient and cost-effective building environmental and surveillance solutions that work in cooperation and coordination with one another, Mason & Barry has become West Virginia's leading building integration provider.

Routine maintenance is an essential function in the life of your security and surveillance system. Mason & Barry offers convenient maintenance agreements to keep your system functioning properly. Scheduled inspections by our experienced technicians will not only keep your system operating properly, it will also extend the life of the system. By being proactive in reapiring worn parts and components, we increase the reliability of your system. You can rest assured your system will continue to provide the level of protection you need.

Security is an ever-growing concern in our society. Whether you have a multi-company office building, a public government building, school, or medical facility, security is a top consideration. While you are concerned with keeping those in your facility safe, you also need to have a system that allows business to operate smoothly and efficiently while working to protect both property and personnel within your facilities. The professionals at Mason & Barry work with a variety of public buildings and schools to develop custom-designed surveillance and security systems.

What's new?

Martinsburg to Matewan and all points in between. How about Buckhannon, West Virginia. 15,000 CFM air handler equipped with UV lights to prevent mold, bacteria and viruses. This is comfort at its best!!!

Posted on Jul 29, 2020  •  Facebook

If you want something to celebrate then look no further than the career of Cheryl Adkins. Mason & Barry is celebrating 37 years of dedicated service. Awesome lunch with friends and family. Thank you Cheryl for all you have done. No Facebook post can come close to what you have done and accomplished....

Posted on Jul 02, 2020  •  Facebook

Mason & Barry teamed up with DAIKIN for this 130 Ton Chiller Project. Tenants at this downtown Charleston location can toss their complaint cards in the trash as comfortable air temperatures will be felt for years to come. Comfort is what we strive to accomplish on every job.

Posted on Jun 24, 2020  •  Facebook

Great lunch today at Mason & Barry. We got together to say thanks to Evan Thompson. Evan will be deploying to serve our great nation for the next several months. Thanks Evan for your dedication at Mason & Barry and to your country!!!! We all will be thinking of you!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on Jun 18, 2020  •  Facebook

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