At CADCO Heating and Cooling, Inc. we provide a wide array of heating and cooling services in Ashland, KY and Huntington, WV. We are your go to for general maintenance, repair, and installation for anything A/C and heating related! We are your one-stop-shop for heating and cooling in the Tri-State Area! We handle anything from AC installation, repair and testing your home air quality to heat pump installation and much more! With over 25 years of experience in serving the Tri-State area, we know how important your your business and/or commercial property is to you.

As the largest geothermal heating and cooling company in Ashland, KY, and Greater Tri-State Area, CADCO Heating and Cooling, Inc. has served Kentucky for more than 25 years. Ask our clients about us or go right to the source and call us! Providing much of Kentucky with optimal heating and cooling system solutions for 100% customer satisfaction has been the main goal of our licensed heating and cooling technicians since 1992. Our mission is to provide our community with an established dependable company to provide their A/C and heating service needs.

The type of heating system installed within your home is one of the largest components of energy use, cost and your overall comfort. If your existing heating system is more than 10 years old then you have probably noticed that you are spending more and more on repairs in order just to keep it running. The hard truth is the money spent on these repairs would be more efficient put towards a new, more modern, more efficient heating system. After the initial installation, calculating the long-term costs of a truly energy-efficient system makes the impact of installing a new heating system absolutely worth it.

When you begin shopping for a new furnace, your first step should be to contact an experienced, licensed heating contractor. Residential central heating and air conditioning is an important feature to any modern home. Therefore, when you're in need of furnace repairs or replacements in Ashland, KY, or Huntington, WV, call on CADCO Heating and Cooling, Inc. experts. We provide free inspections and will help you decide on and install the right heating unit for you. Remember, size matters a lot. If you get a furnace which is too big, it will cost you a lot more money for the installation and monthly utilities as well as take up much too much space.

Your health is directly affected by the air you breathe making your indoor air quality much more important than the typical American understands. When you want to be sure your air is at its cleanest, call CADCO Heating and Cooling, Inc. We have been offering indoor air quality services in Ashland, KY, Huntington, WV, and many of the surrounding cities with air filtration systems and duct cleaning services for over two decades. The comfort of your home or business is dictated by more than the temperature or heat distribution; it's also determined by your indoor air quality (or IAQ).

Proper ventilation and air circulation are what keeps your home or business building from being cold enough to see your breath indoors during the winter and avoid becoming stuffy, sweltering and more than a little unbearable during the summer. Preventative maintenance is what keeps these scenarios from occurring. It's more than a matter of discomfort, too. Your indoor air temperature easily affects your daily health - and the productivity of your employees - as well as the air quality indoors. Becoming overheated or enduring colder temperatures for an extended period can weaken your immune system by wearing you down.

Your home air conditioner is a vital aspect of the comfort, health, and general environment. Because of this, your air conditioning system is one of the single most significant investments you can make in your home. When the correct a/c system is chosen and installed into your residence, it will provide clean air and comfortable temperatures for years. As the market is flooded with air conditioning system options, each homeowner has the opportunity to choose the best unit tailored towards the unique needs of your home.

The heating and cooling specialists at CADCO provide full commercial heating and cooling installation services in Ashland, KY and Huntington, WV. Our contractors are fully licensed and insured with decades of experience in the business. Regardless of the type or size of the project at hand, our A/C and heater installers and repairmen can complete it in a timely manner! Each commercial building has unique needs depending on its size, its purpose, and what year it was constructed. Our certified technicians provide free consultations during which we can assist you through any installation, repair, or renovation services your business needs.

As one of the most effective cooling and heating products, superior quality geothermal heat pumps form a great system for heating and cooling buildings and homes in the area. As your premiere geothermal heating and cooling company, CADCO Heating and Cooling, Inc. installs and repairs heat pumps in Ashland, KY and Huntington, WV. Heat pumps work to transport cool air to overly warm areas and warm air into cooler areas within your home. As these heating mechanisms neither heat nor cool air, but rather transport the appropriate temperatures to the appropriate areas, less energy is taken to use it.

The boiler repair technicians at CADCO are fully licensed, insured and certified in residential and commercial heating and cooling systems. We are courteous, respectful professionals who are glad to assist in all heating and cooling related issues. The warmth and comfort of your home is a top priority of ours, and our heating system crews are happy to help! Call on CADCO Heating and Cooling, Inc. to provide boiler repairs and installations in Ashland, KY or Huntington, WV. We will be sure to get your current boiler either back up and running or your new boiler fully functional within the day!

Whether you run a school, hospital, IT business, or other highly efficient commercial business, it is important that your electricity source stays steady and dependable, day and night. When you choose a generator, you have to be able to trust in both the ability of your generator and the abilities of its professional installers. The expert generator installation in Ashland, KY and Huntington WV offered at CADCO Heating and Cooling, Inc. is only a phone call away. We offer full professional installation and replacement generator services for the Ashland-Huntington metro area and beyond!

The fully licensed contractors of CADCO Heating and Cooling, Inc. offer commercial HVAC services for Ashland, KY and Huntington, WV. Our heating and cooling specialists work with a wide variety of products and the best installation and repair techniques to provide you with the best service. No matter the size of your heating and cooling needs, our technicians can handle the job! The certified service technicians at CADCO have been fully trained in providing you with the best air photo of commercial A/C units, air conditioning repairs, air conditioner maintenance quality possible.

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