During the summer months, the weather in the Huntersville & Mooresville, North Carolina area tends to get very warm and humid. The average temperatures from May to September are often in the mid-seventies, with high temperatures that can exceed 100 degrees. During the winter, the weather turns chilly, and you probably rely on your furnace to stay warm. If your air conditioner or furnace suddenly stops working, it can be tough to get comfortable in your own home. At Cool Comfort Heating & Air, we offer installation, repair, replacement, and service of your heating and air conditioning systems.

At Cool Comfort Heating & Air, we are a full service air conditioning and furnace replacement company that can take care of all your heating and cooling needs! We offer installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of all major brands of air conditioning (AC) and heating systems, including Trane, Bryant, American Standard, Carrier, and more. We'll make sure your family is cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and comfortable year-round. An air flow analysis from one of our technicians can make sure the air in your home or business is getting to all the right places at the right time and in the right quantities.

While controlling everything through electricity makes life much more convenient than it was in the pre-electricity days, it can also cause a lot of problems. There are several electrical problems that could pop up at any time with your HVAC system, including blown fuses, thermostat problems, or a worn out compressor, fan motor, or blower motor. Our technicians understand the electrical setup inside your air conditioning and heating system like the back of their own hands. If you ever have an HVAC electrical problem, don't risk your safety by trying to fix it yourself-leave it to the pros at Cool Comfort Heating & Air.

Sometimes it gets so hot outside that you don't have a choice but to run your air conditioner all day and all night. But what can you do if it starts to get overworked and begins leaking water? If a leaky air conditioner isn't fixed quickly, it can cause a lot of water damage to your property that will be very costly to repair, so don't delay in giving us a call. Plumbing problems with your air conditioner can be an indication of improper installation, warm air settling around the unit and causing condensation, a clogged drain hole, or a frozen coil.

Do you find yourself sneezing a lot in your home or office, whether it's allergy season or not? Do you have a hard time breathing while you sleep? Have you been getting lots of headaches lately? Is there a lot of dust in your house? Do you have furry pets or use a lot of harsh cleaning chemicals? Chances are you spend lots of time indoors, and the air you breathe all day long can directly affect your health-for better or worse. You may not even realize how many pollutants you breathe each day that can get trapped in your lungs.

When your furnace stops working, it can be a very frustrating experience. If it's during colder months, you probably don't want to wait several days to get a heating contractor out to your property to diagnose the problem. There are quite a few working parts within your furnace that can break, get dirty, or go out, so call in an experienced heating contractor to determine what needs to be done to warm up your home. Furnaces generally last about 10 to 15 years, so if yours is older than that, it is probably time to invest in a new one.

Gone are the days of having a traditional thermostat that you have to be in the home to use and control the temperature. Honeywell WiFi thermostats offer an innovative solution if you want to be able to control your furnace and air conditioner from anywhere. There are four types of Honeywell WiFi thermostats: Lyric, FocusPRO, VisionPro, and Wi-Fi 9000. The Lyric thermostat is controllable by a smartphone or tablet, with geoconferencing technology that can save money by targeting your current location.

Most people don't think about their heating and air conditioning systems, as long as they are working properly. As soon as there is a problem, however, you will realize how much you take these systems for granted. At Cool Comfort Heating and Air, we want to alleviate any stress and frustration by fixing your problems quickly and efficiently. Our air conditioning contractors will come into your home and assess the cause of the problem. They can use state-of-the-art diagnostic tests to figure out whether certain parts of the air conditioner are working and determine how to fix the issue.

Whether you call us to fix your heater on a cold winter's night or to replace your heating system after years of use, count on us for reliable service that exceeds your expectations from the very start. We never make suggestions unless we fully understand the situation and your specific needs to ensure your experience with us is a good one from beginning to end. Plus, our technicians always provide exceptional workmanship so your heating system stays in good working order when you need it most. We realize that not only do you want your heating system to work, but you also want it to operate efficiently, so your utility bills don't skyrocket.

If your utility bills seem higher than usual, especially when the weather starts to turn colder, you may need to call us for a quote on furnace replacement. At Cool Comfort Heating and Air, we offer a wide range of brands and can help you find one that will fit in your budget. We can also measure the efficiency of your current furnace when we come out to give you your free estimate. If you have an old furnace in your home, you are taking a big safety risk, not to mention the money you are wasting on energy bills.

Water heater manufacturers typically recommend that you replace your water heater at least every 10 to 12 years. An old water heater can have sudden pressure changes, causing the water heater to burst and flood your home. At Cool Comfort Heating and Air, we offer water heater replacement and repair, depending on the needs of your current unit. When we come into your home to give you an estimate for water heater replacement, we will make sure you purchase the correct size and type of product, and one of our technicians can give you recommendations based on the current technology and efficiency ratings.

If your utility bills are very high during the colder months, you may want to check the efficiency of your furnace. Experts generally recommend looking at three factors when deciding if you want to upgrade with a new heating installation. The first factor is the efficiency of your current furnace, which can typically be measured by an HVAC expert. Factor #2 is the cost of fuel; if you live in an area where utilities are higher, installing a more efficient furnace can save a lot of money over the years it will be in your home.

If you have an old, outdated air conditioner or furnace, you are probably spending more on utilities than necessary. Some of the updated features on newer air conditioners include programmable thermostats, so you can keep the cost lower when no one is home, as well as higher efficiency systems that use less energy to produce the same amount of cooler air. Once you have decided to upgrade your system, make sure to call an expert to perform the air conditioner installation. You might be tempted to save some money and try to do it yourself, but there are a lot of components that must be properly connected and hooked up to ensure that the system runs smoothly.

Your average air conditioner typically has two components: an evaporator and a condenser. The condenser is often located outside the house, while the evaporator is above the HVAC unit. If you start to notice problems with the cooling system, the first step of air conditioning repair is to clean out the ducts and replace the filter. If the air coming through still isn't very cool, the next step is to call a professional who can get to the bottom of the problem. There are several problems that can occur in your air conditioning system.

During the warmer times of the year, a working air conditioner is a vital part of a comfortable home. If you begin to notice problems with your air conditioner, you can start with a few easy steps to try to fix it. First, clean out the ducts and change filters, since dirty and blocked filters and ducts can cause the system to produce warm air. Check the settings of your thermostat, and try lowering the temperature to see if cooler air comes through. If none of these at-home remedies work for your system, it might be time for air conditioner replacement.

If you live in an area that gets hot in the summer, you understand the importance of a functional air conditioner. When you start experiencing issues with your system, our air conditioning services can fix a problem and get you cooled down in no time. At Cool Comfort Heating & Air, we offer air conditioning repair, installation, and replacement, to those in Mooresville, North Carolina and surrounding communities. We are an authorized Trane dealer, making us one of the best resources for reliable and energy-efficient air conditioning services.

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