When you're looking for high-quality HVAC services, call MKA Mechanical Inc. We offer leading HVAC repair for all brands and types of systems. If you find yourself in need of a new system, we offer AC installation as well as heating installation. We're local and ready to help when you need it. When you choose one of our quality name brand HVAC systems, you want to know that it will be installed properly. That is why we offer our exclusive workmanship guarantee for all new AC and Heating installations.

Whether it's the middle of the summer and your home just won't get cool or mid-winter and you woke up to a chilly house, you want MKA Mechanical Inc. to perform your repairs. Our technicians are expertly trained in both AC repair and heating repair, no matter what brand or type of system you have. We not only guarantee the work we do, but we guarantee that our technicians will arrive on time and that your estimate will match your final bill. Some of the signs that you need air conditioning repair are similar to those that indicate you need heating repair.

Because we keep our homes closed up most of the year, our home's air quality can be questionable. MKA Mechanical Inc. offers a variety of IAQ products that can be added to your existing HVAC system to help keep your air as fresh as possible. Whether allergies, pet dander, odors, or mold and bacteria are your concern we have multiple solutions to assist with the quality of air being circulated through your HVAC system. As homes become more energy efficient, there is less fresh air in our homes because they're sealed tight.

When your HVAC system reaches that point, you want to call on a company who can provide you with excellent HVAC installation services. MKA Mechanical Inc. is just that company. We offer many leading brands of all types of systems. Whether you need Air Conditioning, Heating, or a combination, we are here to provide the right system for your unique needs. We understand that not every situation or need is the same, which is why we offer many options for our customers. Of course, you can call many companies in the greater Hartsville area for an estimate for heating or air conditioning installation but you'll find that we offer more.

If you're tired of those ugly window units and how inefficient they are, consider a ductless mini-split system for your home or office. MKA Mechanical Inc. can evaluate your space and provide you with a free estimate for installation of ductless AC and ductless heating. If you already have a ductless HVAC system that needs servicing, call us for your service appointment today. There are two main types of ductless systems, one that includes both heat and AC and a ductless AC. For many people with homes that don't have vents, it's very costly to install a traditional air conditioning system.

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Many thanks to our loyal customers for voting us Best Heating and Air Contractor! The Hartsville News Journal

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I want to take a moment to thank all Administrative Professionals out there, but especially Martha Baxley King & Stephanie Byrd Howle who keep this company running.

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Due to the recent Corona-virus pandemic, we have received numerous requests for products that can be installed to disinfect the air and improve your air quality. UV lights are designed to reduce microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, and viruses. Additionally, these units act to reduce dust, pet...

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We are upgrading! Now you can text our number at 843-332-2951, do not worry we still accept calls as well, but if you need us and do not have time to chat send us a text and we will respond to you promptly. We look forward to assisting you with all your HVAC needs!

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